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  1. OBasel

    Any reason not to buy higher port switches?

    I have a few small switches around 16 and 24 ports each. I'm noticing that I'll use 1-2 ports to uplink on each so my net ports are lower. I'm thinking I'll just buy a 48 or 52 port 1G switch and a 32 port 40G switch. I'll just slice the bigger switches into VLANs if I want to have a "physical"...
  2. OBasel

    MikroTik CSS326-24G-2S+RM VLAN Question

    I need to build a small colo 1/4 cab and have a tight space, power and overall budget. It's like gaining 10lbs and everything's tight all around. I read the review on STH and that was helpful Mikrotik CSS326-24G-2S+RM Review Cheap 24x 1GbE 2x 10GbE Here's my quandary. I want to use say 4 ports...
  3. OBasel

    Xeon Golds

    Saw these two pop on ebay: Gold 5118 Intel Xeon Gold 5118 12-Core 2.30 GHz QMXH QS 105W Skylake LGA-3647 CPU | eBay Intel Xeon Gold 6148 20-Core 2.40 GHz QMS1 QS 150W Skylake LGA-3647 CPU | eBay 4 of each avail. They're only $200 below list so maybe not very good deals. If you're not...
  4. OBasel

    Facinating Tech Read: WIRED on Palantir

    Read this on WIRED How Peter Thiel's Secretive Data Company Pushed Into Policing | Backchannel Great read
  5. OBasel

    What's better for Ryzen now? CentOS or Ubuntu?

    It's been months since the release. I'm going to keep an eye on threadripper for a little server I've got. What's better now, CentOS or Ubuntu? I know, RHEL SUSE Arch Debian vanilla. But of those two, are the kernel problems fixed?
  6. OBasel

    MVC - Minimum Viable Ceph

    What I really want is the ability to start with 2 boxes and move out to 5 over time. Add a new box with bigger hard drives every year for three years and then start retiring older ones. I'd prefer to use the small SMC 4-bay and use Xeon D-1508's. That'll give me 10G and they're cheap. Upgrade a...
  7. OBasel

    Suggestion: Elsewhere news

    I really like the STH Main Site Posts forum. It's great but STH doesn't do all the crazy news articles elsewhere and we can't post threads in that forum. What about a links to other sites where we can discuss what STH isn't going to cover? I'd be OK if something was posted in that forum and...
  8. OBasel

    Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services

    I'm considering making a lightweight VDI solution for a few users. Size wise ~10 now, 20 max before we'd be doing an overhaul anyway. VMware and Citrix are leaders in the space, I get it. I also know both AWS and Microsoft have cloud desktops. I want to do my research first though. How "bad"...
  9. OBasel

    gcc-7 in 17.04?

    I just did an apt upgrade on a Ubuntu 17.04 box and saw this: 67% [49 gcc-7 9,740 kB/32.3 MB 30%] then Get:49 zesty/main amd64 gcc-7 amd64 7-20170407-0ubuntu2 [32.3 MB] Did we go from gcc-5 in 16.04 to 7 in 17.04? And here I was still...
  10. OBasel

    Book Review: Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow

    I'm about 70% of the way though this book. It's #1 on Amazon for Tensorflow now I read another "here's what ML is" chapter and it made me want to barf. I wish there was more to the data transformation...
  11. OBasel

    Single NVME node Ceph Benchmarking OSD Tips

    I'm trying to benchmark a single Ceph node and have 8 NVMe drives setup as OSD's but my speeds are 700MB / sec. Any tips on why I'm missing the speed of even one drive?
  12. OBasel

    Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Server and Mellanox ConnectX-3 installation WTF?

    I setup a system earlier today with Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS server. It's still the current rev on Ubuntu's site. I only have a Mellanox ConnectX-3 card in there for 40Gb, no 1Gb. When I install I can see the server's onboard 1Gb NICs but NO MELLANOX? Is this for real? Weren't these popular cards...
  13. OBasel

    Anyone tried these water coolers?

    I'm between these two for an i7-7700K build. I'll get the AM4 bracket and use that when I swap later. $65 option DEEPCOOL CAPTAIN120 EX Visible Liquid Cooling Water Cooler Liquid Cooler 120mm Radiator White LED Light (AM4 Bracket Available): Computers & Accessories or $65 option...
  14. OBasel

    OpenMediaVault and ZFS - It works?

    Has anyone tried importing FreeNAS pools to OMV? I didn't check this [HOWTO] Instal ZFS-Plugin & use ZFS on OMV - openmediavault GitHub - OpenMediaVault-Plugin-Developers/openmediavault-zfs: OpenMediaVault plugin for zfs I mean OMG deb squeeze + zfs means Linux not FreeBSD and let's talk...
  15. OBasel

    How to fix Ubiquiti AP or Switch Stuck at Adopting

    OBasel submitted a new resource: How to fix Ubiquiti AP or Switch Stuck at Adopting - Because this shouldn't be so hard Read more about this resource...
  16. OBasel

    FreeNAS Corral - can someone get them this feedback please?

    I'm totally disappointed. Not because I'm doing a redo install thanks! FreeNAS Corral and Xeon D changed network interface now nothing works! But when I did have the web working, there was a large and blaring problem. SMB shares. I don't understand how Synology, Drobo, QNAP, Thecus, Buffalo...
  17. OBasel

    FreeNAS Corral and Xeon D changed network interface now nothing works!

    I'm having a SOS moment here. Here's what I did: Installed Corral ZFS import All was great on my Xeon D UNTIL I realized it was all over 1gig. So I turned on the Xeon D's ix0 interface and set a static IP. I didn't change the igb0 interface. EVERYTHING DIED!!!! By that last line, not even the...
  18. OBasel

    I'm looking for wireless bluetooth earbuds for Android

    I've got airpod envy and want something to run with. Wires in 2017? That seems archaic. I have a S7 and I'll be getting an S8. Here's what I've seen so far, but I can't decide. Anyone have experience on here? I don't trust amazon reviews at all. Good reviews. Long battery. No local storage...
  19. OBasel

    Best GPU for Linux Gaming 2017? AMD or NVIDIA?

    This is a follow-on question to my thread here. I've been just about to buy a GTX 1060 6GB but the RX 480 8GB cards are cheaper by like $50. I know there's Vega coming soon at $200 it's tough to beat. $199 for fancy ones PowerColor AMD Radeon RED DEVIL RX 480 8GB GDDR5 DL-DVI-D /...
  20. OBasel

    Intel DC P3600 1.2TB - $700

    No bids on this. Intel SSD DC P3600 Series 1.2TB | eBay Seller's got a 500GB one for $250 too. Intel SSD DC P3600 Series 400GB | eBay