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  1. tby

    HGST Ultrastar He10 - 10TB @ $129.95

    Oh, hadn't realized they took it away after I got mine in on Wednesday. The current $650 for 5 is what they'd countered with each time, from $725 originally. Still have BO on the 20 & 100 lots if you have way more money to spend than me ;-)
  2. tby

    HGST Ultrastar He10 - 10TB @ $129.95

    I got them to accept $600.01 on a 5-lot (rejected $525 & $590).
  3. tby

    [COMPLETED] WTB - Several Rasbperry Pi 3s... (3B/3B+)

    Once upon a time, my girlfriend lived near Microcenter and I might have developed a compulsion for stopping by for some Pi stuff. PM me an offer for what you want. I have 2x 3B barely used in cases, 2x 3B+ new, 6x 3B new, 3 more unused cases. Probably more kicking around but that's what was in...
  4. tby

    FS: EdgeRouter Infinity

    So you'd like to take a $900 profit on a product you bought under an agreement not to resell?
  5. tby

    Can QSSC-2ML PCIe slot power >25w GPU (Quadro P2000)?

    Anyone run a >25w GPU in the QSSC-2ML? Looking to use a Quadro P2000 (75w).
  6. tby

    (CA-90038) FS: Supermicro Chassis/Barebones, APC UPS

    Flipping a beta switch that Ubiquiti generously provided for free is kind of a dick move. Doubly so for not pointing out that it was a beta product which has been cancelled. There’s a thread on the Ubiquiti forums for trading beta gear without violating your agreement not to resell it.
  7. tby

    Giveaway 850 PRO 512GB SSD's

    Why post this? If it were legit, nobody else can get in on it. Except. You know it's not legit. We all know it's not legit. Why bother?
  8. tby

    Is this a good deal? Dell R710

    A deal for X9DRD-EF 1U 2xE5-2620 was posted just a couple days ago. The non-weird stuff tends to go real quick when it's cheap.
  9. tby

    X9DRD-EF dual e5-2620 supermicro server 4x 3.5" caddy and power supply $300 OBO

    Good shippers use foam. If the server can move around within the box, doesn't matter what it's wrapped in, whatever protrudes is gonna get bent. It got clocked hard enough to bend the backplane and give me trouble removing the trays. Can't get the left one out but maybe if I can unscrew it...
  10. tby

    HP Samsung 16GB PC3-8500R 4Rx4 DDR3 $39,95 BO $32,50 for 20pcs.

    Beware that 4Rx4 is usually limited to 2 per channel at slower speeds. 2Rx4 1.5V is what you usually want for max performance and capacity.
  11. tby

    Dell R210II - $229.99 OBO

    On the one I have with an E3-1265L, I see 30w idle in VMware, 32GB + QLE8152, no disks. The E3-1240v2s are a couple watts higher in the same config. btregv takes offers so aim low -- I got mine for less than the RAM and CPU were worth.
  12. tby

    Dell R210II - $229.99 OBO

    3 of my 4 r210 IIs came from that seller, mine had 32GB and were ~$260/ea shipped on BO about a year ago.
  13. tby

    Ubiquiti Beta US-16-XG $299

    There's a whole thread on problems with Intel 10GBase-T cards linked in the first post. Latest from UBNT is that they might have test firmware out to address this by end of February -- a slight improvement from their previous estimate of maybe Q1.
  14. tby

    Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-16-XG SFP+ Compatibility Thread

    My 2M cables arrived today. Tried 3 so far, two worked going LB6M -> US-16-XG but only in ports 5-8. The third will not link with the XG at all but if I plug it into two ports on the LB6M I get lights. None are working with QLE8152 NICs connected to anything I have. So maybe not a sure thing...
  15. tby

    Ubiquiti Beta US-16-XG $299

    The SoC does L3 and has a 493-entry ARP cache limit. Ubiquiti folks have said that's the reason they're positioning the US-16-XG as L2-only -- tho if you squint to read between the lines I suspect it's that the UniFi Controller would need major updating to cope with switches doing routing...
  16. tby

    Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch ES-16-XG SFP+ Compatibility Thread

    I got them to take $35 on a 10x2M listing. And for some reason eBay was defaulting to UPS ground for $25 but would let me choose USPS Priority for $16.
  17. tby

    Ubiquiti Beta US-16-XG $299

    I've updated the top post with a bunch of info and links.