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    WTB 8280 xeons

    As the title states, I'm still looking for a pair of reasonably priced used or QS pair of 8280 xeons (they both have to be identical versions such as plain, M or L) Thank you
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    WTB 2x xeon 8280 QS or oem/retail

    tile explains it pretty well (I also need some epuc cpus, and I may be already working with a fellow in the forum on these). However here I need: 2x oem, used, new, retail or QS 8280 at a reasonable price, I've located several but not convinced about sellers and or 2x xeon 8276 L or M used...
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    WTB 2x Epyc 7742 cpus

    Title says it all, I'd like to buy 2x 7742 cpus. Does anyone have them at a reasonable price?
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    Resizable Bar on Asus Dual 621 Sage, success

    So, I've had this build since September 2020. It succeeded the prior build that included 4 Titan V's, including the Titan V 32GB CEO Ed. The updated build uses 2 nVidia 3090 RTX in SLI/nvLink. Current build: 2x 3090 rtx Founders Edition & SLI bridge 2x 8180M (56/112 cores) 1.5 TB ram Asus...
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    GPU sub-forum

    Patrick, with all the obvious industry transition and even some of the reviewed GPUs on this site - might there be a valid reason to have a GPU sub-forum?
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    asus bios fan settings

    In an asus bios could someone direct me to what the settings mean (speed, curve, threshold, etc)? GENERIC HIGH FULL ENERGY EFFICIENT MANUAL (Yes, this one is obvious) thank you (asus c621e sage, but I'm sure the answer applies to all)
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    Question about asus c621e sage motherboard.

    There is a bios settin in the asus c621e sage motherboard with no available description on the whole internet: ‘Asus engine booster’ Default is off If on, choices are; Level 1, level 2, level 3 No, it’s not turbo boost, that’s a different section No, it’s not OC mode, that is a different...
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    miniITX GOD Box....Blasphemy!

    challenge accepted... Asus c621e sage 2x Xeon 8180M 768GB of ram LRDIMM 4x Titan V including Titan V CEO ed 32GB 960pro nvme (OS) 10x SSD Raid (Apps and Backup 8x 2x) 1600W PSU (digital) noiseless MS 2019 Data Center, Ubuntu P1 miniITX case ..and the customary pint of blood and pound of...
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    took the plunge...

    I'm starting my dissertation on deep learning and diagnostic imaging. So much to learn and so much to write -and sound like I know what I'm talking about...when I really don't, I'm considering focusing the dissertation on the automated diagnostics (in a n ANN/deep learning) compared to...
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    WTB 8180 or 8176 xeon platinum pair

    hello I am interested in purchasing a pair of either 8180 or 8176 xeon. Obviously not interested in paying the retail price Any forum members have access / interested in selling either pair?
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    FS- CPUs and Video card -preparing for new build

    Hi, I am attempting to merge the prior threads into one, (so I will be trying a merge or delete) Im getting a new build ready and I am trying to raise funds by selling some of the prior components. FS 2 xeon e5-2699 v4 22 cores each Retail editions, (not ES, ES2 or QS) asking $1500 each FS 2...
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    4x titan V prototype 1

    I decided to build a compact, small but powerful pc in a desktop /mid size. Here’s what I built tonight prototype (my personal pc) Dual Xeon E5-2699 v4 44 cores / 88HT Super micro X10DRG-Q ver 1.10 Heavily customized Th P3 case / glass panel 1 960pro (2TB) (Os drive) 10x 850pro RAIDed...
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    44 cores 512gb X10DRG-Q 4-way SLI

    I'm new here, but I've done a few builds from time to time... Short summary Here are the specs: Supermicro X10DRG-Q 2x E5-2699 v4 (44 cores/ 88HT) (3.7ghz turbo) 512GB ram DDR4 2400mhz ecc reg (QUAD SLI) 4 Titan Xp 2x Samsung NVMe 961Pro pcie 3.0 (os drives) 10x Samsung 850 Pro SSD RAID...