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    TinyMiniMicro w/ i5-6500T/8GB - $150

    Noticed some decent deals from two different sellers. All have i5-6500T and 8GB ram with various drive sizes HP Prodesk 600 G2 Dell Optiplex 3050
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    EXPIRED Supermicro 1U w/ E5-2690v4, 128GB, Rails

    I've been looking for a 1U Supermicro server that takes E5-2600v4 for a while and the barebones units on ebay have been way too expensive. I found this listing and thought it could be a good deal for anyone looking for a complete server. They accepted an...
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    FS: v3 Xeon, SSDs, Networking, Misc

    I'm semidetached0 on ebay (feel free to message me to confirm). Shipping from US ZIP 17036 not included. Offers welcome. Paypal or Zelle. Willing to ship ---------------------- 4 2 x E5-4627v3 (10 core, no HT, 2.6GHz base 3.2GHz turbo) $40/pair 1 x Ruckus R500 AP (Unleashed firmware) w/ PoE...
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    FS: Cleaning day - HGST SAS SSDs, DDR3, E5/E3 CPUs

    Buyer pays shipping to US only from 17036. I'm flexible as to payment... PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, etc and open to offers. I'm cleaning out the rack and parts shelf and slowly going through everything, so more might be added later. HGST Drives All under 2500 hrs and less than 1TB written (set up...
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    SK Hynix Lot of 2 16GB PC4-2133P $56 (DEAD)

    This vendor likes to do 30% store wide sales and they happened to have some DDR4 this time. 18 lots of 2 left for $28 / 16GB stick SK HYNIX 16GB 2Rx4 PC4-2133P SERVER RAM LOT OF 2 | eBay
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    Quanta 2U D51B: LGA2011-3, 24 x 2.5" Trays, 10 GbE, Rails $250 OBO

    I received mine today. Seller accepted $230 which seemed like a decent deal for 24 SFF bays with 10GbE SFP+ and rails. They have 90+ units, so they might go lower. The included raid card is only 6Gb/s, but the backplane and expander are 12Gb/s capable. There are two bays in the back for 2.5"...
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    WTB: Juniper SRX300

    The auctions seem to have dried up... Does anyone have a Juniper SRX300 they want to sell or trade for? I'm in Indianapolis, IN.
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    FS: Intel R1208GL 1U Server (2 x E5-2650v2, 128GB, 3 x 400GB SSD) and HP Z3 Mini

    I'm semidetached0 on ebay and will ship from Indianapolis, IN. Local pickup welcome. Paypal preferred. Intel R1208GL 1U Server System with 8 SFF bays - S2600GL motherboard - 2 x E5-2650v2 - 128 GB (8 * 16GB) - 3 x 400GB SAS SSD (HGST HUSMM8040) - 5 x empty 2.5" tray - SAS/SATA 6Gbps controller...
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    HP Z2 Mini G3 (i7-6700, 16GB, 512GB SSD, Quadro M620)

    Moved to single thread with multiple items. Sorry.
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    FS: Intel R1208GL 1U Server, 32GB Buffered ECC, HP T620 Thin Client

    Cleaning up some hardware for projects that were never finished... Shipping to US only (via USPS for smaller items) from Indianapolis, IN Intel R1208GL 1U Server System - S2600GL board for dual E5-2600 v1/v2 (latest BIOS) - 8 x 2.5" drive trays - RMS25CB080 SAS/SATA 6Gb/s RAID module -...
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    Intel NUC - Pentium N3700, 4GB, 32GB eMMC - $90

    I picked up one of these. Nice little box with a low TDP N3700, single SODIMM slot, WiFi, VGA out and a 2.5" SATA drive mount. Running a few services and I see it draw less than 6W from the wall. Comes with a power brick unlike a lot of the NUC listings. Intel NUC5PGYH Pentium...
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    HGST 1.6TB SN200 U.2 NVMe - $195

    Brand new HGST 1.6TB SN200 3DWPD HGST WD - Ultrastar SN200 HUSMR7616BDP301 - 1.6TB SSD PCIe NVMe 0TS1307 | eBay
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    Riverbed EXA-560 (Rebranded Dell R210 ii) - $67 SOLD

    Great deal for a pfsense box Only one and only on sale for a few more hours. Someone save me from myself. Riverbed EXA-00560-B010 XEON E3-1220 3.10GHz 4GB RAM NO HDD | eBay
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    Supermicro 1U Dual LGA2011-3 Barebones 1028U-TR4+ - $175 shipped (ALL SOLD)

    Seems like a pretty good price for a dual LGA2011-3 server. They have two different listings for either 4 1GbE ports or 4 10GbE ports (10GBASE-T). SuperMicro 119U Server CSE-119U - X10DRU-I Motherboard 2x PWS-751P-1R Barebones | eBay...
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    FS: HGST 3.2TB PCIe SSD, Networking Equip (Juniper SRX220, Fiber, Transceivers)

    All prices include shipping via USPS from zip code 46280 HGST Ultrastar SN150 3.2TB PCIe SSD P/N HUSPR3232AHP301 Both brackets included 32TB total writes $480 Juniper SRX220H Includes power supply Updated to Junos 12.1 $40 Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter X (ER-X) Includes power brick $30 2...
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    FS: E5-2680, E5-2650, LSI SAS9207-8e, Barebones 1U, more!

    Homelab spring cleaning time. Located in Indianapolis, IN and am open to local pick-up. Will ship via USPS first class to the continental US only for the smaller items. Payment via Paypal. I'm user "semidetached0" on eBay (semidetached0 on eBay). Intel Xeon E5-2680 (2.7GHz/3.5GHz turbo...