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    FS: 2 Supermicro Dual Node Twin Servers

    Howdy! I am selling 2 Supermicro "dual" node servers. I put dual in quotation marks because they can do 3 or 4 nodes as well (the second set of power buttons is covered by plastic pieces that come off easy with a flathead). I personally have run a 2+1 config using a fat node for storage and two...
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    BPN-SAS-827B compatible with X9 nodes?

    I'm looking to put 4 X9 nodes in a 6026 chassis and wondering if the BPN-SAS-827B will work for X9 nodes. I know the SFF chassis (24x2.5") uses the same model backplane BPN-SAS-217HQ for the 6026 and 6027, but the LFF chassis are different... Any help would be appreciated!