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    FS: 800gb Intel S3500 SSD, HIGH USE - $65

    I have one 800gb Intel S3500 SSD for sale. It works 100% as far as I can tell, I just got new drives and don't need this one any more. This drive has 434TB written to it, out of an Intel specified lifespan of 450TB written! As a result, I am putting this up for $65 via PayPal shipped via USPS...
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    Windows Admin Center released

    Announcing Windows Admin Center: Our reimagined management experience I'm most curious if it allows administering domain controller functions, like AD Users & Computers or DNS and DHCP. I can't really tell based on the video, but I'll try it out later.
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    SSD mirrored pool sync write setting

    Currently I'm using nappit/omnios with mirrored hard drives to serve NFS storage to ESXi. I'm looking to replace the mirrored hard drives with mirrored Intel DC S3710's. I'm not using any SLOG or SSDs currently, and so I have sync=disabled to make speeds tolerable (I know the risks, this isn't...
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    WTB 2x Intel SSD or similar

    Looking for 2x Intel DC S3700 SSDs or similar (SATA) in 800GB or around there. If you have any laying around that you want to get rid of, shoot me a message!
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    RyC's Consolidated Build Thread

    Background: This is a comprehensive build log/history of almost everything computer related I can think of, so it may be a little long. This is the first time I’ve documented the history of my entire system (for myself even), so hopefully it’s relatively on topic. The posts are also split since...
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    Intel S2600CP dual GPU passthrough issue

    I am pulling my hair out trying to boot ESXi 6.0U2 with 2 GPUs installed. With the default BIOS settings (and latest BIOS version), one GPU will prevent any VM it is attached to from starting at all and the error logs (and then Google) point to disabling a BIOS option called Memory Mapped I/O...
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    Starting out with 10gb help

    (Split from the great deals topic) Finally ready to jump into 10gb networking, but I want to make sure I get the right parts and have this thought through. 2x Mellanox Connect-X2 cards from 2x...
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    Dell C1100 or HP DL 160 G6

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to get another server for running ESXi, and thanks to this place, I've found out the Dell C1100's and HP DL 160 G6's are great deals on eBay right now. I think one seller has the exact same spec'd C1100's and DL 160's for the same price right now, and so I guess it...