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    Mounting 2xMCP-320-81302-0B (Supermicro 1U fan holder)

    Hey! The MCP-320-81302-0B fan holder for Supermicro SC505-203B and supposedly possible to stick two together by snapping of the sides. Does anyone know how to actually do that? There's two "locks" on each side, and the plastic seems quite fragile - I feel like I'll break it. What's the trick?
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    SE3016 console commands?

    Hey, I have a SE3016 which I'm trying to get the console working on. Anyone had any luck with that? When I start the shelf I get a welcome banner like this ************************************************ * SAS JBOD CONSOLE v1.02.0300.27 *...
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    Disable proxmox host ipv6 dhcp on WAN port

    I migrated a node from ESXi to Proxmox today which among other things has a pfSense VM, and therefore a WAN port. I've set the WAN port up as a normal OVS bridge and passed it to pfsense, and everything works as expected. However, I just noticed that the vmbr interface on the Proxmox host...
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    Decreased performance when adding switch

    Hey, I'm rebuilding the lab, and one part will be going from ESXi to Proxmox. Before moving my pfSense setup, I wanted to establish a baseline for what performance I get today. Current setup is ETTH -> pfSense on ESXi -> internal network. I have a 1G/1G uplink. Doing a speed test (from a client...
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    Proxmox networking guidance

    Hey, I'm setting up Proxmox for the first time, after being a long-time ESXi user, and am somewhat confused on how to best configure networking. I've decided to go with open vSwitch, and what I think I want to do is this (certainly up for debate if there's better ideas): eno1/vmbr1 -...
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    Aruba 2540 experiences?

    I have a local liquidation company that is auctioning off a among other things an HPE/Aruba 2540 (JL356A). Current high bid after a week is (local equivalent of) 10 USD, which seems like a very good deal, right? (Most of the other stuff sold is not IT related, so I'm guessing/hoping that's why...
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    Advice needed: Lab optimization

    Hi, I've had a small single-node ESXi lab that has served me decently for the past 7 years, but I've increasingly felt the need for more capacity. So, I'm expanding, but I'd really appreciate a bit of advice on how to make the best use of my (admittedly still small) resources: The original box...
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    vCSA in a homelab?

    Hi! I'm about to add a new esxi node, and figured I'd probably want vCenter as well. However, the sizing seems pretty brutal for a homelab, with the "tiny" option claiming 2 vCPU/10 GB mem/300 GB disk? I obviously don't have the budget/space some of you lucky people have (one day!), but this...
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    What to expect if FreeNAS loses connection to disk shelf?

    I just set up a FreeNAS VM to start experimenting with. VM on ESXi, passthrough of a LSI9200, connected to external disk shelf. I figured it would be a good thing to know what would happen if my disk shelf lost power or similar, so I powered it down. This led to two unexpected things: 1. It took...
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    Storage upgrade

    Hey, I'm finding myself a bit outside my depth and looking for some advice. My current setup consists of a single node, running ESXi 5.1 (vAncient, I know), with a single HDD data store. This has been serving home networking duties and light development tasks well for a long time, but to be...
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    Rack mount options for X9SPV-LN4F-3QE

    So, I have a X9SPV-LN4F-3QE which has been residing in a micro-tower-isch case for a few years, which I'm looking to put into my rack/cabinet. Due to the cabinet being very shallow (260mm/~10.2 in), I'm looking for a front i/o case. SuperMicro have a few - for example the 505-203B and 503L-200B...