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    HPE Smart Array idles at 65C

    Even if it was some non-optimal figure, the gap between what it is and what it should be is extreme. But I made sure every aspect of this was at it's minimum optimal or a multiple of 2 thereof. I reformatted the drives to be 4Ke (they are 8K physical blocks but there is no to change the logical...
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    HPE Smart Array idles at 65C

    Alright. It just seems excessively high when the CPU runs 25C cooler. Like if it was 50C or even 55C I wouldn't be quite as concerned. They advertised these Gen10s as being power efficient and cooler or whatever. (Unit is a P408i-a SR Gen10) I'm also experiencing an issue with the RAID10 on...
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    HPE Smart Array idles at 65C

    Is this like normal or is this HBA not operating as it should? This machine is completely idle right now. I suspect this isn't normal. But this is my first experience with HPE anything, and also my first 1U, so I have no basis for comparison.
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    [SOLD][FS] [NoVA] 5x 7.68 D4502 NVME, 3x Optane 900P 280GB

    You are quite right, ark has nothing. This is the only mention I can find: Intel Further Delivers on Storage Transformation with New SSD Form Factor and Innovative Designs | Intel Newsroom
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    Firmware Enterprise SSDs - SM1625, PM853T, and others

    Because of that Self-Destruct bug HPE released firmware for their PM1633 1.92TB, among others, in this first package: HPE Software Delivery Repository