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    Forum: Link back to Serve the home Main website

    Heya, i'm missing an easy way to go from the forums back to the main site. Personally i'd suggest you change the link on the STH logo (the one on the forums, top left) to or add another tab next to Forum & What's New that says Site or Main site.. you get the...
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    4K/Green/5200-7200/ ...-Questions

    Hi, I've had these questions & i'm sure a lot of people starting out in this do. So i decided to make a topic so we can get some of these questions answered -Does 4K really matter? (for ZFS (what i'm personally interested in)) I found this at (a ZFS nas buildlog) So from this i...
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    Samsung:HD154UI/Y 1.5TB SATAII 5400RMP 32MB Experiances ?

    Heya, Does anyone have any experiance with these drives? I can get my hands on these pretty cheap (wholesale) but i'd love to hear some feedback before i get them. Thanks !