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    SAN HA storage software options

    Starwind has free version - Software Defined Storage for the HCI • StarWind Virtual SAN ® Free . It is managed only with PowerShell but can be monitored with GUI. And certainly, only community support. We use starwind’s commercial version for cluster of 3 nodes – it just works. Updates comes...
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    Need a SAN upgrade for our FreeNAS & Xen-XCP Cluster - Starwinds VSAN?

    That's basically how Starwind works. Since their Linux-based version does not support the "storage-separate" converged scenario, I have made V2P and run installed it bare-metal on two separate servers. From what I faced, the storage subsystem performs the same as being a passthrough to Starwind...
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    Nutanix CE

    From what I have fount, 18TB should be assumed as a storage limit for a single node. 4x SSDs/HDDs are max drives per node. Nutanix Community Edition! be warned: You are going to buy new lab gear! Building a HCI Lab with Nutanix Community Edition
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    Small and cheap laptop recommendations

    Being a ThinkPad fan, right no my main workstation is X1G2. However, its predecessor was X230. I think it satisfies your requirements, or make them most. It has/can have a decedent 9-cell battery, i5/i7 2nd gen CPU and two SSDs (mSATA and SATA). It has 2 USB3 ports, can have Bluetooth v4 card...
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    Robocopy changes , GUI Backup

    Oh, what is the use case? I have switched from gs richcopy360 to rclone + rclonebrowser. They are free to use doing the same upload of the changed data from a source to a target.
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    Single node loopback storage VM?

    Actually, for single node you should use either Hardware or Software RAID. NAS and SAN are not about local redundancy. In my opinion h/w RAID preferred. Software RAID is defined by the OS you run on the node – for windows Storage Spaces, for Linux – mdadm or lvm. Running VM inside for single...
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    HP DL380 G7 x2 - what to do?

    You should choose what is more important for you - 24/7 stable system with good performance or low energy usage. In your system the CPU is the biggest power consumer.
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    Need an opinion on smart phone selection

    My vote for Samsung Note 9
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    Tiered Storage Space-2016 vs 2019

    In Windows 2019 there are issues with tiered spaces on NTFS (it writes in cold tier only). Wiht ReFS no issues have been detected.
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    Trying to decide: FreeNAS, Unraid, Rockstor, Proxmox, etc.

    You can try StarWind VSAN as a solution for compute and storage scenario. StarWind present storage as iSCSI targets to the hypervisors. They have versions for Windows and for ESXi and provide the really good performance of HA storage. The free version is also available so you can do a test and...
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    Windows 10 C3 Sleep Issues

    Have someone have solution for this issue with sleep state?
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    No Users Showing up after leaving windows domain

    You can check next article from Microsoft for user auditing:
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    vSphere backup - Veeam vs Nakivo

    Veeam is one of the best solutions for backups, I am using it for a while and when something going wrong it always working as expected. I faced only a few issues with Veeam, but they support always was helpful and assist me.
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    ZFS bottlenecks

    It seems that I have missed the point here :) Since you did performance tests for Open-E ZFS and StarWind and found that the latter is 2 times faster and you don't like Open-E, then just use StarWind! By the way, they also have Support, which can help you with cluster building ;)
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    SSDs for a file server

    Just FYI, I have got some performance issues with SSDs in RAID5 or parity Storage Spaces. Write performance was about 30 MB/s. Not sure what was reason, either disks or RAID controller, but please make sure that you are getting reasonable numbers after the deployment.
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    Supermicro MAC 88:88:88:88:87:88

    I found a similar thread with ASUS desktop and MSI motherboard issue. Here is the solutions from MSI: MSI USA - Online Technical Support FAQ MAC Address showing as 88 88 88 88 87 88 In any case, first of all, I would suggest contacting SM support.
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    Samsung NVMe drivers for MS Windows Server 2016 ?

    Did anyone try to install driver for Windows 10 manually by pointing to .inf file? Does it work fine?
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    Windows 2012 R2 Storage Spaces - Tiering with hardware RAID?

    It should work fine. Here is a link for the configuration steps: The data moving between the tiers performs every 4 hours by the scheduled task.
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    Hyper-V Virtual Switch - Affect Host NIC Speed

    I believe you are using iPerf for the tests... During the test, check the CPU core usage, it could be a bottleneck. Here is a link to the similar discussion: Slow download speed after creating External Virtual Switch - Windows 10 Forums
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    System down - What would you do?

    As far as I know, TeamViewer keep information about the connections in C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\Connections_incoming.txt file, so you can check it.