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    Be careful out there riding motorcycles

    All, please be careful when riding around and be careful with other drivers. Especially with the texting and driving, etc. going on. Whatever it is it can wait until you are in a safe area to do so. Lost a friend in a bike accident a little over 1 week ago. He was 27 years ago and a birthday...
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    FS: Many, many home lab and home server items

    Good afternoon, All. I've been out of pocket for a while. I am selling everything I have from my home, home lab or otherwise project list. Wife was diagnosed with an illness that has been taking most of my time and will continue to do so for the next year at least. All prices are unshipped...
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    FS: BNIB SuperMicro X10DRLi (full system)

    Up for sale today is a BNIB SuperMicro X10DRLi with 2x E5-2630V4 ES (Same stepping as retail) procs, 128GB (8x16GB) Hynix DDR4 Reg. ECC, 2x BNIB Intel TS13A Coolers. Ram is basically new as it was taken out of a new server and replaced with 32GB sticks. I bought this for a ZFS barebones and VM...
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    WTB sys-5019a-ftn4

    Looking at getting an atom 3958 1U for a client’s firewall. Lmk your price for it.
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    FS: 5x 10TB WD external drives

    I have for sale 5x 10TB WD external drives I bought (in June 2019) from BB and decided not to use them. In fact, I forgot I had them. They ares still sealed. Thought I needed the storage but I most certainly don't. Asking price is $850 ($799.95 + $48.00 in local tax) + shipping/OBO. If East...
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    WTB: AMD Epyc 7302/7402/7452/7502

    Getting back into the swing of things. Just as the title says. Message me if you have something.
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    WTB: Samsung PM1725

    Looking for the above. Missed a couple from a member here so seeing if anyone has one or two for sale. Looking for the 800GB or 1.6TB AIC version.
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    Re: VMware Home Lab - single or multiple hosts?

    In short, I have 3 XeonD hosts and I don't feel like I am using them all that much to justify having all 3. I've been thinking about consolidating down to 1 big host and using a nested setup. Posting and thinking about this while I am tired too, so that may be exacerbating the issue. Down...
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    What is it worth? (A1SAi-2750F setup)

    Not sure if this is the correct place for this, so bear with me. I have a Supermicro A1SAi-2750F with 32GB RAM not currently in use and figured I might as well unload it. I checked Ebay pricing and they are somewhat crazy in the value I think hence my asking here.
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    FS: Dell Emulex OCE14102 Dual Port 10GB SFP NIC (low profile)

    I have a new Dell Emulex OCE14102 Dual Port 10GB SFP NIC with low profile bracket. Dell part number 6FC2Y. It does have active cooling. I bought it thinking I would use it but found a Mellanox NIC in my stash. It has been opened and tested. Asking $55 shipped USPS Priority.
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    I have an extra Supermicro CSE-505-203B case for sale. Has a few scratches from being mounted in a rack from prior owner. I never used it so off it goes. Asking $65 + shipping. Shipping will be in a large flat rate USPS Priority box. (It's already boxed up ready to ship.) Pics of case: [H]...
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    WTB 2950X

    Looking for a TR 2950X.
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    I am back! Be sure and get checked out on a regular basis.

    I am back with life settling down some. I just wanted to drop a note and tell everyone to get a check up on a regular basis. I lost a friend on Monday to pancreatic cancer. He was no more than mid-50s. The unfortunate part is it was well under way in his body. From diagnosis to passing was...
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    FS: 5x 10TB WD External Drives

    I have for sale 5x 10TB WD external drives I bought from BB and decided not to use them. Asking price is $847.95 ($799.95 + $48.00 in local tax) + shipping. That comes out to be 169.59 a piece. Weight of the box is ~15 pounds. Everything is packaged up and ready to ship. Package will ship...
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    FS: 5x 12TB WD External Drives (only for sale for 48 hours... or less)

    I have for sale 5x 12TB WD external drives I bought from BB and decided not to use them. Asking price is $953.95 ($899.95 + $54.00 in local tax) + shipping. If I don't sell them then I will just return them, so don't low ball me. I figured I would give someone a shot at owning them that may...
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    Firesale from closing up shop

    This may look familiar to some as it's also posted on the H. It pains me but I have decided to close up shop and not build any custom computers/custom upgrades anymore. As a result everything is set to be sold that I have in stock. If a price isn't fair, make an offer. I won't get offended with...
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    FS: 1U (505-203B chassis) Supermicro C2750 w/ 32GB RAM

    For sale is a 1U Supermicro C2750 w/ 32GB RAM system. The MB is part number A1SAi-2750F with a new CSE-505-203B chassis, 4x8GB Kingston DDR3 ECC SODIMMs and active cooler on the processor. I will also include the mounting bracket and single SM fan for a rear exhaust. The fan does have one rubber...
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    40Gb to 10Gb breakout cable questions

    So I understand the point behind the breakout cable is to tie 40GbE infrastructure to 10GbE devices. However, does a 40GbE to 10GbE breakout cable give me more NICs or paths (i.e. - storage, etc.) in say something like ESXI?