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    Drives Missing When HBA is Moved To Another PCIe Slot

    Hi, I have several drives connected to a AsRock X470D4U motherboard (3 PCIe slots) using HP H220 HBA (MPT2BIOS-, IT mode) and SuperMicro BPN-SAS-216A backplane. The drives are configured into a ZFS array in Ubuntu 19.10, and `lsblk` and `zpool status` both shows all the drives as...
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    "High IOPs queues : disabled" using LSI 9207

    I was looking through /var/lib/syslog on a Ubuntu 19.10 machine that has a LSI 9207-8i HBA and noticed the line Mar 25 21:43:17 db0 kernel: [ 2.931849] mpt2sas_cm0: High IOPs queues : disabled Is it possible to enable High IOPs queues in order to improve IOPS performance of drives connected...
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    LSI 9207-8i, Expander and 24 SSDs (Beginner Confusion)

    Thank you for your insight and corrections :) If the system has 128 GB of memory, how large will you increase the 10 GB size to in order to make the benchmark more representative?
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    LSI 9207-8i, Expander and 24 SSDs (Beginner Confusion)

    Ran the `fio` tests as suggested, comparing the 3x mirror vdev on expander with an NVMe SSD attached directly on the motherboard (not fair, but the easiest other test to run). ZFS LZ4 compression is enabled on the SATA SSD, while the NVMe drive is not using ZFS, so this is even further from...
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    LSI 9207-8i, Expander and 24 SSDs (Beginner Confusion)

    Yes, you are correct, my current backplane is not -A. Seems like I need seriously consider getting a BPN-SAS-216A/BPN-SAS3-216A backplane to replace the current one, otherwise the SSD IOPS will be severely limited. I'm planning to use the system for a PostgreSQL database that is both read and...
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    LSI 9207-8i, Expander and 24 SSDs (Beginner Confusion)

    I have an LSI 9207-8i card (2 ports) connected to an expander (Supermicro SAS-216EL, 3 ports) via a single mini-SAS cable, which is connected to a 24-drive backplane (Supermicro BPN-SAS-216EB, able to hold a 2nd expander). There should eventually be 24 SATA3 SSDs connected to this backplane...
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    SMBus Cable of Supermicro Power Distributor

    I am trying to locate the SMBus connector of the power distributor (PDB-PT216-8824) in a Supermicro SuperChassis CSE-216 24-bay 2U chassis. This way, we can get the stats from the PSU (Supermicro PWS-1K21P-1R) to a Asrock Rack X470D4U to be displayed in their IPMI dashboard webapp. However, the...