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    [Phone & FaceTime] Seeking Paid help to setup homelab pfSense with VLANs

    I'll start : I am looking to pay someone for phone help in setting up my homelab. I have good hardware (dedicated box for pfSense with intel 520-da2 ; Brocade 7250-48p top of rack, Brocade 7150-c12p downstream switch for home-office; Ruckus r510 AP, Synology NAS, Dell server running ESXi for...
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    [WTB] 10GBe SFP+ NIC : Chelsio T520, T420, Intel x540 x520

    [WTB] 10GBe SFP+ NIC : Chelsio T520 or T420 or Intel x540 or x520 Qty 1 wanted. USA. Need Long Bracket.
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    [WTB] Seagate SAS EXOS 4TB ST4000NM0025 HDD

    [WTB] Seagate SAS EXOS 4TB Seagate model ST4000NM0025 HDD 3.5" Looking to buy up to 4; prefer EXOS badged drives
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    WTB Brocade IXC7250-48P

    WTB * Brocade ICX7250-48P I am located East Coast, USA
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    WTB * Seagate Ironwolf / Ironwolf Pro 6TB or 8TB

    Wanted to buy : Seagate Ironwolf or Ironwolf Pro HDD 6TB or 8TB Drives which can pass all the Seagate SeaTools Diagnostic tests.
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    WTB: Dell T420 Server LFF

    near Phila PA area: Seeking Dell T420 Tower Server with 2x CPU (looking for 2430 or better) 8 bay LFF 24-32 gb RAM ideally 495w PSU iDRAC7 Thank you.
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    WTB: Dell T320 Tower Server LFF, decent CPU

    WTB: USA, Phila PA area Dell T320 Server (Tower) LFF (3.5" drives) decent CPU, at least Xeon E5-2430, 24-32GB RAM ideally iDRAC Single PSU PM if you have any Dell T320 Edit Aug07, I am deleting this thread as I've changed my mind and am now seeking a T420 Dell Server