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    EXPIRED Seagate Exos x16 16tb 12Gb/s SAS $349 Daily deal

    Check this out on @Newegg: Seagate Exos X16 16TB Enterprise HDD 12Gb/s SAS 512e/4Kn 7200 RPM 256MB Cache 3.5" Internal Hard Drive ST16000NM002G - OEM Seagate Exos X16 16TB Enterprise HDD 7200 RPM 3.5" - Promo code 93XQN79 expires 11:59pm PST time
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    EXPIRED 18Tb ultrastar WD $385

    Bhphoto has daily deal on 18Tb WD ultrastar Expires eastern time zone
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    Lowes in the server business?

    Was browsing for different sellers on a Supermicro E301-9d-8CN8TP this came up. I can get behind this type of home improvement now if only the hardware section held more...
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    Router hardware configuration with LTE & WiFi

    I have a need to configure a router with both a WiFi internet connection and a fall over LTE. First I am attacking the hardware configuration and then later the software. This router as clarification will receive its WiFi from a access point with the need to login with user ID and password...
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    SMB office backup/music server QNAP TS-332X

    Here is Qnap's link. QNAP TS-332X Looks pretty interesting. 6 disk(3 Spinners, 3 - M.2 2280 disks) While, I'm not sure I would use it the fact that it has 3.5 audio out jack makes it a bit of an odd duck. Guess they are thinking you would put this next to the Xbox/PlayStation/Home Theater...
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    Price Check on Space Heaters

    I have some X8 supermicro boards/processors/heatsink. Other than using for winter heaters how much do they go for $? They are dual x5650's I think. I also have older 5620's ill throw in. I have been re-using the rack cases and doing upgrades so they 2/3u's are not available. What type of...
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    EVGA midweekmadness 1080ti's $350 & 2080ti's $550 x99 motherboard $99

    On Wednesdays if you didn't know EVGA puts out discounts on b-stock items they have a year warranty on them. 1080ti's for 350. Seen 2080ti's as low as 550.
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    Nytro 5000 1.92Tb XP1920LE30002 $199.99 While it’s not the better 1.6Tb HE(high endurance) version it’s a solid price for just under 2Tb.
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    HPE/INTEL 12G Sas expander

    I have a questions to those out there with the more up to date 12G SAS expanders. The intel RES3FV288 has the newer 84xx while the HPE looks like the older 8087. The other thing I would like to know is can you have 2 of these repeat from a main card. My current card/cables are the 8087...
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    Dead[US]Group buy? Supermicro H11dsi-O dual Epyc motherboard [Global ?] Dead

    I may have a connection to get supermicro motherboards for a discount. These motherboards would be brand new H11DSI-O which I think are the retail packaging. Would need minimum 10 buyers and price would be US $450-460 plus shipping. Would this be of interest. I will make sure they are rev...
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    Board recommendations 2011v3

    Looking for a motherboard. I now have two 2630v3’s looking for single processor boards to replace or add to stable of pc’s One workstation board and one server board. Thoughts are welcome.
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    Ebay E5-2673v4 20c 40t $275 if you buy 3 or more.

    Not sure if it’s legitimate but I bought three. Price is at 3 or more. Basically 275 a processor.