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    UART connector pinout/adapter for Supermicro SAS backplanes?

    All Supermicro 8x6 backplanes have a 4-pin UART connector which should allow some kind of CLI access and possibly SMP. Is anyone aware of the pinout and whether a level converter is required, before I have to dig out my multimeter and the backplane to figure things out?
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    Thoughts on reliability of Seagate Enterprise SATA drives for RAID?

    Seagate consumer SATA drives have a bad-to-mixed impression as we all know, depending on model. I recently got my hands on a lightly used (~4k hrs) Seagate Enterprise Capacity 6TB (SATA) drive, with all the bells and whistles (2M hour MTBF, AFR of 0.44%, URE of 1 per 10E15 and 5-year warranty)...