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    Options for external monitor(s) for MacBook Air

    I have bought an MacBook Air Model A2337 and would like to add an external monitor(s) to it but there are two ways to go, the question is what do you think is the best option? This laptop will not be used for gaming or video production. It will be mainly used for MS Office, web surfing and other...
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    IBM Mainframe Specs

    Does anyone know if there is a website that (specifically IBM) that will show the specs as ordered on an IBM mainframe? I have the part number and serial number. The only thing I could find was if it was under warranty (which it is not).
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    IBM 8203-E4A

    Does anyone know if the IBM 8203-E4A is an iSeries or pSeries system? What OS is supported?
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    Free Virtualization operating systems

    Hi, I'm looking for a free virtualization operating system, I have tried ProxMox but I continuously have problems (isn't stable enough) with it and would like to try something else. I have 4 nodes with the following specs: - 2x 4 core CPUs - 16GB of ram - 1x 128GB usb boot drive - 2x 1TB HDD -...
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    IBM 9111-520 firmware

    I have bought an IBM 9111-520 (Power5, AIX) but the firmware level is at SF230_145 and I want to get to the latest level so I can connect it to an HMC to create 2 LPARs. When I look up the latest firmware it has been archived. Any idea how I can download the needed firmware?
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    Error: Failed to run vncproxy

    When I log into my main cluster enviorment I'm not able to see the screen in the "Console" section of a VM that's on one of the clusters servers. But when I log on to that server itself I am able to see the console of that screen. Any idea what the problem could be?
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    Promox Server wont boot

    I am getting the (initramfs) prompt when booting, I run an fsck manually and it errors out saying that /dev/mapper/root-pve still has errors. When I reboot I get the same prompt and can't seem to get past it. I removed the connection to the SAN array and still get this error. Any ideas? Screen...
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    pfsense Build

    I have an HP DL325 that I will be using for this build, I am looking for these NICs to be able to handle VLANs, I will be using this as a FireWall w/ VPN and a router. So I'am looking for recommendations on NICs: 1. I plan to use the 3 leftover on board NICs. 2. A 4 port 1GB NIC (Copper) 3. A...
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    CIFS on Proxmox

    I have a repository of ISO's that I use to create VMs. I have added that share to my proxmox cluster, but when I go to create a VM I cannot navigate in that share to the ISO directory. Any idea why that is?
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    Storage Networking (iSCSi)

    I have a cisco UCS chassis that is connected to an fabric extender that is connected to a pair of Cisco Nexus 5020s. I know that the UCS chassis uses 10GB, what I wanted to know is can I connect a 1GB iscsi storage unit to the Cisco UCS even tho it runs at 10GB? I have three VNXe3150s that I...
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    Proxmox w/ 2 NICs on the same network

    I am running Proxmox 6.1-7 and am running into an issue, I'm trying to assign two separate physical NIC interfaces on the same subnet (10.0.1.x). When I go to create the 2nd "Linux Bridge" using the same gateway as vmbr0 it gives me the error "Default gateway already exists on interface vmbr0"...
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    EMC XtremIO X1 xbrick Hardware

    I’m looking at possibly buying a set of EMC XtremIO X1 xbrick hardware, but there is a catch, there are no power or SAS cables and there is no software on the two controllers. The hardware (xbrick) consists of the following: 1x DAE w/ 25x 400GB SSD 2x Eaton battery back-up 2x Controllers (1u...
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    HPE Proliant Microserver Gen10

    Hi Folks, I have been looking for an affordable solution to run I/O to some storage arrays, they are EMC VNXe3150's with 4x 1GB (iSCSi/NFS/CIFS/Etc.). I was just looking to run I/O with programs like IOMeter and stuff, I would install a 1GB dual port 1GB card in each server. I would most likely...
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    ProxMox - Clearing disks for use

    I have a cluster of 4 servers, 3 out of the 4 have the disk usage type as "Device Mapper", thus not allowing me to create any type of usable disk in proxmox. What happened was that I had the cluster set-up and then I installed Ceph, and started adding the disks as OSD devices. Something went...
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    I'm interested in setting up a 4 node Proxmox cluster, but I have never used it before. I used to work with VMware on a regular basis and understand it. I was wondering if Proxmox has a similar feature as VCenter, to see and manage all the nodes?
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    What servers to buy?

    I am looking to get a quote on a large quanty (50) of servers to meet the following needs: - connectivity to storage arrays (FC & iSCSi) -Would need two PICe slots - I would be discovering LUNs and running I/O generators like IOmeter to these LUNs - I would be installing Suse Linux on...
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    Cisco ONS 15800 (DWDM)

    I was wondering if someone could explain DWDM to me? As I understand it is that it uses different light wavelengths to get long distance, like remote data centers. I take it that you would need an appliance on each end? I was wondering if it could be used to connect two FC or iSCSi switches...
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    Question about Tape Library's

    I'm looking for a solution to back-up my data so that I will have off site back-ups. I can't afford to have another location with another storage array so this is what I was thinking about using a tape library and at the end of the week swap out the tapes for a 2nd set and take home the...
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    Intel X520 and Cisco DACs

    Does anyone know if the following DACs are compatible with the intel X520 card? SFP-H10GB-CU1M SFP-H10GB-CU3M SFP-H10GB-CU5M SFP-H10GB-ACU7M SFP-H10GB-ACU10M
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    NAS connection on Cisco Nexus 5020 Switch

    I have the following set up: [Cisco UCS 5108 Blade Chassis w/ 5 blades(w/ ESXi 6.7)]<---->[Cisco 6248UP FI]<--->[Cisco Nexus 5020] If I was to connect a 10GB NAS server to the Nexus 5020 would I be able to connect the blades to that 10GB NAS. I am assuming the answer is yes. But I wanted to...