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  1. Necrotyr

    EU FS: Dell R720 16SFF

    Hi, I selling my R720 because it's seeing too little use, and I want to upgrade/downsize my homelab. The server has the following specs: - 2x E5-2660v2 CPU's - 256GB 1866MHz RAM (16x 16GB PC3-14900R) - 16x SFF bays connected to a expander backplane (SFF blanks are included, I also have SFF...
  2. Necrotyr

    WD Red SSD

    What's everyone's thoughts on WD's new Red SSD's? 2.5PB write endurance on the 4TB seems okay for a drive priced at $580. WD shop link...
  3. Necrotyr

    APC Smart-UPS 2200VA cable help

    Hello gents, I just received my new UPS, but to my dismay there are no wires in the battery tray, so I have no possible way to install batteries in it. Do any of you guys know where I can get the wire harness for a RBC43 battery assembly or what type of connectors and wire is used, so I can...
  4. Necrotyr

    EU WTB: Chelsio T420-CR full-height bracket

    Looking for a full-height bracket for my Chelsio T420-CR to replace the half-height it came with. Willing to buy from WW if shipping is not too insane. Thanks!
  5. Necrotyr

    EU Supermicro 846 - €340 shipped in EU

    Comes with old internals, but it's still cheaper than getting a barebones imported from the US. Seller has 8 remaining at time of writing. Supermicro SC846 24x SATA Storage Server Adaptec 5405, SAS Expander, 4x 4GB RAM |eBay Oh, and shipping is free for people in Germany.