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  1. zeynel

    MLAG support coming soon for Mikroik CRS 3xx switches

    I am pretty amused to see the news : Quote (page2) 4) MLAG on CRS 3xx switches We remain committed to involving the amazing MikroTik user community in developing RouterOS. Once again your feature requests have become a...
  2. zeynel

    EU NEW HPE 375GB NVMe PCIe SSD aka Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X 375GB, 349€ inkl. VAT free shiping

    I am looking for some optane to plot chia ;) bought 3 of them , to build a raid0 , an plott some K34 has a 100% reputation on ebay same drives cost 46€ more on ebay. Have fun.
  3. zeynel

    Need Help, getting BMC/IMPI recovered from a failed BMC firmware update.

    Hello to all, I tried to install a BMC firmware update on a HP Cloudline CL3150 the other day, but I had a timeout in the update process. After I could no longer log on to the WEBui, I disconnected the server from the power, then the system would no longer boot. I do not get a picture...
  4. zeynel

    EU SuperMicro CSE-825 1x Xeon E3-1231 v3 8x 3,4 GHz 32 GB RAM 2x 2 TB HDD 229€ OBO 200€ accepted perfect for low energy, xpnology or plex media server project, even truenas zfs should rund reasonable offered 175€ came back with 200€ good luck.
  5. zeynel

    6.4TB Samsung PM1725a 5DWPD Enterprise TLC V-NAND PCIe 3.0 x8 NVMe HHHL AIC SSD NEW $999

    Looks pretty good, its new, have 5 year warranty. I offered for 2 PCS $1800 comes back with $1900. so maybe one for $950 also possible. Good Luck.
  6. zeynel

    EU IBM ServeRAID H1110 6G SAS / SATA RAID-Controller 9,99€ inkl. VAT

    If someone looking for a little 4 port Freenas/zfs or as a card for a Expansion Backplane. here you go :) I used it in my DS380 SilverStone case, so i not blocking Bay-3 Have fun.
  7. zeynel

    EU FS: eLux & Scout Enterprise Management Suite license 150x

    I bought some Thin Client, with a eLUX license and Management Suite. Scout Enterprise Management Suite® 15 or later, eLux® RP, Scout Agent for Windows® platforms and 12 month Subscription for Scout Enterprise and eLux RP. Management of > 5 clients requires eLux & Scout Enterprise Management...
  8. zeynel

    EU WTB: 150x M.2 SATA or NVMe 120-256GB drives

    Hi There, anyone out there with a good connection? I have a virtual Desktop Project and some Thin clients in Stock, want to upgrade them to Windows 10 IoT. Thanks in forward Zeynel
  9. zeynel

    EU WTB Supermicro X9SRL-F

    Looking for one or two of those Mainboards, please feel free to PM me Thanks in Foward
  10. zeynel

    EU 2 HE Supermicro CSE-825 with Dual Power Supply 95€ incl. TAX and shipping

    Rack Server Gehäuse 2 HE Supermicro CSE-825 48,3 cm (19") 8 fach Backplane | eBay have fun.
  11. zeynel

    SanDisk HP DOPE1920S5xnNMRI 1.92TB SSD SAS 2.5" $250 or BO Free Shipping

    Looks Like a pretty recent Price. SanDisk HP DOPE1920S5xnNMRI 1.92TB SSD SAS 2.5" | eBay
  12. zeynel

    napp-it ESXI OVA template crashes when Getting Smartvalues

    Hi @gea, I can (Reproducible) get OmniOS crashing when I trying to getting the smart values of (in this moment just ONE drive) SYSTEM Specs: X9DR7-TF+ 2x 2630v2 384GB RAM LSI 2308 SAS Raid << pci-passthrough SATADOM 64GB < nappit installed 2HE SM Chassis with SAS2 Expander 24xSFF 100...
  13. zeynel

    Ceph iSCSI Target with Proxmox VE implementation ?

    Hi , has anyone experience with this scenario? according to this: Ceph RBD and iSCSI - Ceph # it should be possible to implement a HA iSCSI Storage Server.
  14. zeynel

    WTB 16 Port internal SAS HBA LSI , ADAPTEC

    Hi There, I am looking for a recent deal. LSI or Adaptec 16 port sff-8087 prefered , but SFF-8643 also OK. Anyone ? Many Thanks in forward.
  15. zeynel

    Quad m.2 PCIe x16 NVMe RAID0 ADAPTER by ASROCK

    pretty impressive: ASRock Ultra Quad M.2 Card 16-lane AIC Review
  16. zeynel

    PETASAN HA iSCSI Opensource free solution with CEPH

    Anyone have experience with this product ? PetaSAN Free Scale-Out SAN Highly Available Platform i will give it a shot.
  17. zeynel

    Solved / INTEL Server MB S2600GL , FAN1 and FAN2 spin MAX after removing SAS or other expansions

    Hi @ all , i have a 2HE intel Server (EMC branded) , when i removing the sas module or the intel quadport gbit nic module fan 1 and 2 are running at maximum speed and didn't came down. looked in to the bios, and IPMI/BNC , deleted the eventlogs, no other errors. FRU says all fine. any...
  18. zeynel

    Curious behavior with hard disks from Toshiba 4TB SATA MD04ACA400

    Hi at all, i running into some strange behavior with those drives. First i thought it is the controller , changed it , changed the system , used AHCI SATA Intel chipset ports. On every system/combination the same issue. The drive D has the problem that i cannot enable the write cache of...
  19. zeynel

    1 LAN Port Pfsense Firewall with VLAN switch in front tutorial

    I just surfing here and there , than i find this Video : it was such a good solution to get a intel NUC with One LAN port as a pretty good Pfsence or similar FW to run. i used a mikrotik 5port switch as VLAN Switch but you can use a cheaper solution from TP-Link ore D-Link... hope that help...
  20. zeynel

    EU DELL INTEL DC S3700 100GB 6GBPS SATA 2.5'' SSD with tray 59€

    Looks pretty nice DELL INTEL DC S3700 100GB 6GBPS SATA 2.5'' SSD mit Rahmen Einschub | eBay DELL drives , low usage according to seller . have fun.