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  1. Chuckleb

    Raspberry PI 3 on sale

    Just announced that the RPi 3 is available for $35. New chip, etc... Raspberry Pi 3 on sale now at $35 - Raspberry Pi
  2. Chuckleb

    Universal shelf

    I have a couple of Sumpermicro 36 bay units to install in one of our old racks that only has threaded 10/32 screw holes... I don't think they work with the standard tool-less square hole rails. Does anyone have any recommendations on shelves or how to install?
  3. Chuckleb

    Let's Encrypt

    In case others may not have noticed, there's a new CA in town that's free and is interesting. Let's Encrypt provides a commandline-based SSL cert that you can automate for your websites and applications. It's backed by a lot of big names (Facebook, Mozilla, EFF, Cisco, etc..) and is now open for...
  4. Chuckleb

    Gnodal docs and firmware

    I've been meaning to post this for a while and never got a chance. Here's a link to the 2.6.4 firmware as well as all of their docs for the Gnodal switches. Gnodal
  5. Chuckleb

    Black Friday wish list

    Anything in particular? Even non-server stuff. I assume the good stuff will show up in the deals section. I want to get into sous vide, that's my wish list item [emoji6].
  6. Chuckleb

    Western Digital purchases Sandisk

    Yet another merger... October 21, 2015-Western Digital Announces Acquisition Of SanDisk Here's why Western Digital is buying SanDisk | Computerworld
  7. Chuckleb

    Crawlspace dollies

    I've been meaning to clean up my server "room" in the crawlspace under the stairs. Finally ordered a pair of nice dollies and put them to use. The left server is my VM server and the right is the fileserver, both connected via 10GbE. Under the wall-mounted monitor is my little Liva that acts as...
  8. Chuckleb

    Tapatalk conversations not alerting?

    I've noticed that I am not getting alerts for conversations in tapatalk, anyone else? I can go to them in the client, but I only get email notifications.
  9. Chuckleb

    Amazon Snowball

    I saw this article just now, not sure where to post it. It's a storage box with 10Gbe and a kindle shipping label! Awesome! Amazon Launches Snowball, A Rugged Storage Appliance For Importing Data To AWS By FedEx | TechCrunch
  10. Chuckleb

    ZoL Hotspare auto-rebuild

    So I saw that a drive was starting to fail and I pulled the disk, expecting that the hotspare that I defined would automatically rebuild. Well it didn't kick in and I had to actually remove it from the pool and force a resliver to that disk by hand. My question, does ZFS on Linux (CentOS...
  11. Chuckleb

    Liva PC as SSH bastion host w/Duo 2 factor auth

    I've been rebuilding my home servers/storage and am mostly done. As part of this, I decided to move my SSH external server off of my main file server onto something low power and easy-to-use. Background: I used to ssh in and hop right onto the fileserver... wasn't too much of a problem since...
  12. Chuckleb

    Chuckleb Random sales

    Everyone else has a list of things for sale, might as well start one of my own. All drives tested for smartctl --test=short without errors (unless noted). I've also run shred on them without it triggering any dropouts of any kind. All prices are via Paypal, buyer pays actual shipping. Best...
  13. Chuckleb

    Hitachi 6TB NAS - make quieter?

    I've never cared when running these in the datacenter, but at home, they seem rather loud and "clickety". Is there a way to make them less loud? I remember on some desktops there was a mode to performance or quiet, etc... it's loudest under load of course, quiet while idle ;) They are definitely...
  14. Chuckleb

    [sold] SAS cables for free (SFF-8643 fan-out?)

    I bought a 2-pack of these on eBay from another seller (he got from this Chinese seller). I couldn't get them to work on my IBM 5210 card, but it could have been the card. Seeing that I returned the card, I have no use for the cables. I can't blindly sell them on eBay but if anyone wants them to...
  15. Chuckleb

    ZFS and SSDs

    So I finally started to move over and play with ZFS. If I have a pool made of SSDs, do I need a ZIL on it? Likewise, I doubt a L2ARC would do much since it would be reading from SSDs anyway? I have two pools, spinners for bulk and a mirrored pair of SSD for my virtualization stores over NFS. I...
  16. Chuckleb

    M5210 - can't get into BIOS

    So I just bought an M5210 controller off of eBay, decent card. I can't seem to get into the BIOS though. On boot, it shows 0 JBOD and 0 VD drives. It feels like it's in IT mode and I'd like it back in IR mode. I updated the firmware to the latest from LSI's website but that didn't seem to help...
  17. Chuckleb

    Next cheap cluster... What to get?

    So I have monies to build my next cluster for work. Last time I built it on the C6100 with X5660 chips (or similar). What is the trend in a month or two? Would they be the C6220s with the E5-26XX chips? Trying to figure out sweet spot. Also, is there a SuperMicro equivalent? Standard...
  18. Chuckleb

    Cleaning House - gear for sale

    So, I've been told to clean out the mess that I've made as we prep for new baby and whatnot. As such, here's a list of parts up for sale before I wander through eBay and whatnot. They will ship from MN (55038) and I can calculate shipping for you. I don't mind sending international ;). I'm...
  19. Chuckleb

    Brocade MP8000 - 10Gbit switches

    So a coworker found these and bought one for use with the Mellanox and Brocade 1020 cards. These guys work pretty well as 10Gbit switches and everything works as long as you use Brocade cables. He bought some Brocade copper and that works well. He'll be testing out some Fiberstore optics later...
  20. Chuckleb

    Intel Compute Sticks

    I saw an article on lilicomputing about the availability of the Intel Compute Sticks on NewEgg so had to get your inputs. It's another mini computer thingiee. Wonder how these compare to the Liva. Tech is definitely getting way small.