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  1. 111alan

    All the LGA4677 Sapphire Rapids pictures I have

    All from my friend as he bought and delided one. We also heard that this unit currently only has 1 of 4 dies active with 28 cores. He's trying to find a eval board for this thing to test it himself. Seems to be 4 HBM pads on the corners that aren't soldered though.
  2. 111alan

    Now this is Sapphire Rapids SP LGA4677

    4 big dies all together connected with co-EMIB(more than 112 cores per package?), no discrete north bridge, and an Altera FPGA. The 4 missing die positions may be reserved for HBM or silicon-photonic devices.
  3. 111alan

    LGA 4677?

    I think many of you have seen the LGA4189 Ice Lake-SP picture posted by my friend, but here's an LGA4677 Sapphire Rapids(SP?) CPU. Can't delid now cause it's not mine.
  4. 111alan

    Myth about CPU power consumption

    Trying to evaluate the power consumption to see what frequency the CPU actually runs at in rendering. Here's where I noticed something interesting. The 4.0GHz 9900k actually beats 3700x(4.05G) by more than 20w in rendering. The voltage is auto(default p-state frequency-voltage pair). Here's the...
  5. 111alan

    Core structure of Skylake and Zen2

    The first picture is an official image from AMD. I can't find any reliable image for intel skylake/cascadelake so I drew it myself. Made this to compare the size of each components for different vendors. If there is any problem please tell me, not very sure about the"execution ports" part. BTW...
  6. 111alan

    vtune counters does not add up to 100% when they should be

    I was using microarchitecture exploration mode of vtune 2020. The problem mainly came from "port utilization" tab, where I thought the four "cycles of n ports utilized" should add up to be 100%, but their sum is lower than that. I did this test on a variety of applications, but none of them...