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    Connectx3 expertise requested. pxe boot not working.

    I have a dl380g8 that has a cx3 in the flex lom slot. HP_0230240019 is what shows for psid. I did update the firmware to 2.42.5030 which is the latest afaik. the issue continued. pxe boot just errors showing port 2 connected. if i manually set the ethernet device in linux it works just fine...
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    Infiniband adapter question. mellinox vs other brands and cx2vs 3

    I have noticed a few 12$ ib cards from qlogic and cx2 rebaged as sun. is there any reason on the ib side to get a cx3 pro vs 3 reg or 2? I was not seeing any documentation related to ib performance only the v1 vs v2 roce. For now the only concern i have is ib related performance on these...
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    Qsfp+ cable compatibility

    I am looking to get a Intel True Scale Fabric Edge Switch 18-Port Switch I was trying to figure out if the brand of cable matters or not. Im hoping to fill a rack and need to find cables that would allow the cable management to work to pull the systems out. I suspect 15' cables would be...
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    Add palemoon to the useragents properly.

    I use palemoon exclusivy and have noticed that sth either treats it as a mobile browser or a old version of ff and does not open the normal modern browser page. it loads a simple page with the = in the top left corner which is annoying. If i set the UA to ie it renders normally. Also can we...
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    Zfsguru NFS share auth by krb5

    Has any one gotten this to work? I am new to krb5 and haven't been able to figure out what is wrong. is there any good tutorial out there that explains all steps clearly? I would not be suprised if it was something like not getting the keytabs correct. any thoughts would be appriciated. Ken