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    EU FS: Dual Xeon Server 64g RAM | Cisco 24port Gigabit switch | Tandberg LTO Drive

    Hello, I have the following equipment for sale. All based in Austria, not including shipping. Networking: 4 x Cisco Catalyst 520G managed 24 port gigabit (+2sfp) ethernet switches, 40€ Server: (400€) Intel® Server System R2312GZ4GCSAS 2U Server Rack system 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 64GB...
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    3 Homeservers | proxmox - new or available hardware?

    Hello, I am currently planing the build of 3 homeservers to run a Proxmox-HA cluster with CEPH. They will be joined over 40GbE. Load will probably be quite small, I plan to run the following (partly in docker containers on a VM, partly in its own vm): 3 Wordpress instances Homeassistant...
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    40GbE - will that hardware combination work?

    Hello, I am upgrading my homeserver to a 3-node CEPH+Proxmox HA-VM Cluster. As 1GbE will probably be too slow for CEPH I am considering upgrading. 10GbE and 40GbE is not that big a price difference so I am thinking of going directly to 40GbE. I am situated in Europe. As my netorking...