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    (US) DFI Strikes again with a DT-122-GH, V1807B and PCIe 3.0x16 for 370 USD. Another HP thin client SFF workalike?

    looks like standard LP bracket, but manual sez limited to *175mm* length
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    HGST He8 Ultrastar 8TB HUH728080AL5200 $82

    Most (paper) currency in circulation today (regardless of country) has no actual intrinsic value any longer as the central banks moved off the gold standard over the last 50 years or so. Currency itself was invented as a medium of exchange to facilitate trading. As for crypto being illegal —...
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    EPYCD8-2T smooth upgrade from gen1(naples) to gen2(rome)

    Did they mention what was new in bios 2.70? I think only 2.60 is available on the website. I like my EPYCD8-2T,except that it seems to “hang” at boot anytime there is a windows update other than windows defender definitions. I will power on via IMPI and it will say that it fails (even though...
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    Intel 8x NVMe 2.5" U.2 Hot Swap Bay - $120 seller offer

    The DPDK version is dual port (DP) — some specific SAS hard drives have dual ports for higher throughput; S3 in the descriptor would still indicate up to SAS3. Note: the DPDk was in the product family config guide, but was removed several revisions ago. HS is hotswap.
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    EXPIRED Seagate Exos x16 16tb 12Gb/s SAS $349 Daily deal

    There is also free shipping on this offer. However, the promo code is limited to three drives. Provantage is less expensive than Newegg, but they do charge for shipping. If you need 5+ drives, Provantage will be less expensive, including shipping.
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    Anybody need a PB of storage?

    While most NA households run predominantly on 120v, most modern housing also has 220v or 240v to power some of the larger appliances (clothes dryer,central air, pool pump, etc) in addition. But 1250w is like leaving using a hair dryer... Left on all the time. Probably only a bit quieter as well!
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    Anybody need a PB of storage?

    And to think -- Facebook fills the equivalent one of these *EVERY DAY*!!! (And I'm guessing they don't use the recertified stuff either...)
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    Anybody need a PB of storage?

    Lol, still SATA...
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    EXPIRED 18Tb ultrastar WD $385

    Why? They don’t list real enterprise drives or offer full five year warranties. For that matter, they don’t even list Seagate drives... The OP listed the real deal, a drive that a professional might put into a production system if his job and reputation were on the line.
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    EXPIRED 18Tb ultrastar WD $385

    Darn, if only this was SAS 12Gbps....
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    EXPIRED Mellanox InfiniBand SX6018 - Switch - EMC only - $300 OBO

    Could you post some pics? Preferably with the color coded connectors? Thanks for some great research! MM
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    1U UPSes and a POE injector

    PM -- Mikrotik it is.
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    HGST SAS 6TB Internal 7200RPM 3.5" 12 GBPS $50 on Quantity 10 They are SAS2 = 6/3/1.5 Gbps.
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    Dead[US]Group buy? Supermicro H11dsi-O dual Epyc motherboard [Global ?] Dead

    Prof -- go for it! I'm in the market for an H12 in the next month or two. MM