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    Mellanox 4036 (IBS05?) gaining access.

    Thanks for writing this up due to ibm selling parts of things off many kb documents are now lost.
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    Connectx3 expertise requested. pxe boot not working.

    I have a dl380g8 that has a cx3 in the flex lom slot. HP_0230240019 is what shows for psid. I did update the firmware to 2.42.5030 which is the latest afaik. the issue continued. pxe boot just errors showing port 2 connected. if i manually set the ethernet device in linux it works just fine...
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    Watercooling rack.

    hay rb did you ever finish this one up?
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    Mellanox ConnectX-2 Firmware

    Does the 2.9 firmware support sr-iov? or is that in 2.10? and does rdma and sr-iov work properly on the cx2 in linux?
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    Infiniband adapter question. mellinox vs other brands and cx2vs 3

    I have noticed a few 12$ ib cards from qlogic and cx2 rebaged as sun. is there any reason on the ib side to get a cx3 pro vs 3 reg or 2? I was not seeing any documentation related to ib performance only the v1 vs v2 roce. For now the only concern i have is ib related performance on these...
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    Qsfp+ cable compatibility

    I am looking to get a Intel True Scale Fabric Edge Switch 18-Port Switch I was trying to figure out if the brand of cable matters or not. Im hoping to fill a rack and need to find cables that would allow the cable management to work to pull the systems out. I suspect 15' cables would be...
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    Lend me your BS meter: help me grok this Comcast biz advice

    First question is the office using the xfinity guest service for their customers? if yes dont ditch the box just shut off the internal wifi and give them a real wifi router for the staff use. The refer is no better than a microwave depending on its age. adding the other 2 behind the comcast...
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    Add palemoon to the useragents properly.

    I use palemoon exclusivy and have noticed that sth either treats it as a mobile browser or a old version of ff and does not open the normal modern browser page. it loads a simple page with the = in the top left corner which is annoying. If i set the UA to ie it renders normally. Also can we...
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    Three virtualization setups: best performance?

    i have had zfs onlinux for 5 or 6 years. I have had multiple power outages and drive failures. both the solaris based vm and the linux based one have fared just as good as the next. no noticable speed difference except for the method of raid. raid z1 vs mirror. i can max the disk system out...
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    Any workaround for Supermicro Java IPMI in 2017?

    works great if you have windows but not so if you run linux. I have locked my firefox version in linux to 45 so that i can keep java kvm working as 52 no longer supports java
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    The Official NVIDIA GRID M40 Thread

    it would be a nice follow up article if you get a chance to map out things like which models in ati/nvidia support vm video as well as any other quarks that may be hiding. since I don't have an enterprise presence most of the contacts for ati/nvidia have not responded to any of my questions. It...
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    The Official NVIDIA GRID M40 Thread

    that's good to hear It would have been supremely aggravating if it was 1 video card must be all cuda or all vm video. is that split on a per gpu basis or is it able to hand out both from a single gpu core? side note the M40 that is in the article appears to be a M10 per wikipedia M10...
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    The Official NVIDIA GRID M40 Thread

    I would like to verify if my suspicion is correct. the article was talking about gpumodeswitch. I take it that you can't use the card to host vm displays and cuda at the same time. or is it possible to set 1 core to gpu mode and one to cuda? nvidia's information is painfully lacking on usage...
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    Watercooling rack.

    I was looking at this about a year agao and had found some 360 swivel's when both sides were at 0 deg it looked like a u. It would swivel at the bottom of the u shape. they were about an inch or so thick so it would need a 3u ish case so you could put a pair at the top of the case so that...
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    Watercooling rack.

    I have a couple racks I plan to do this with as well. there are 3 areas which i still have to work out details from. Since I hate 1u's except for a fattwin/blade usage Im putting my equipment in 2 and 4 u cases. frankenstining some dell 2650's and hp dl580's :D I was hoping to cover memory...
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    Zfsguru NFS share auth by krb5

    Has any one gotten this to work? I am new to krb5 and haven't been able to figure out what is wrong. is there any good tutorial out there that explains all steps clearly? I would not be suprised if it was something like not getting the keytabs correct. any thoughts would be appriciated. Ken
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    setting ashift when creating pool in napp-it?

    what commands can you use to get that information? I currently have both zfsguru and nappit running on my vm as I am trying to determine which would be best fit for my needs. I have found quite a few posts here and there saying you can find the info but not much on how. also is there a way to...