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    Cable for r7x0 server

    I am trying to find the right cable to use for my r720 with r730 backplane installed to run to a card in the rear PCIE slots (5,6,7). greater than 31" long left (?) angle SFF-8643 -> straight SFF-8643 Something like the Dell 9MHYN might work but the angle is in the wrong direction I think.
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    Dell QL41164 Disable Option ROM?

    I installed a QL41164 RNDC card into my R720 and it complains about the option rom at boot. Anyone have any ideas how to disable it? Bios only lets me disable option rom for devices in the pcie slots not the RNDC port.
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    R720 backplane swap

    I am working on swapping an R720 8xLFF BP with an R730 8xLFF BP. Looks like all I will need to do is make a custom cable combining the 2x 8pin power connectors on the R720 into the 10pin R730 power cable. Anyone ever done anything similar? Attached is my pinout documentation I worked out from...
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    Chelsio T540-CR PCIE Bracket

    Anyone have any ideas for getting a bracket for a T540-CR? Maybe someone has made one to be 3d printed? Thanks!
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    EMC Branded HGST SSD Firmware Update

    Is it possible to update firmware in drives like the HUSMM1616ASS204 (IDs as HUSMM141CLAR1600)? I have a mix of C250 and C342 firmwares on my drives. I would like to upgrade them all to C342 or newer if possible. I was able to change them all 520B->512B blocks and 6gb->12gb rate already but...
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    X9SRW-F v1.01A with v2 xeon?

    I can't for the life of me get v2 chips to boot on this motherboard. v1 chips seem to boot fine. Is it possible that v1.01A boards don't support v2 chips?
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    X9SRW-F Beta Bios

    I convinced Supermicro support to send me an unqualified beta bios they developed a few years ago for X9SRW-F. I was unable to get full 4x4x4x4x bifurcation working. With this firmware it seems to work correctly. Any ideas on how to root out any bugs? Link to bios: Use...
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    hgst ss300 not recognized

    Drives are HUSMM3240ASS205 my HBA is HBA330 I tried using a breakout cable ( SFF-8643 to SFF-8482 Cord, CableCreation Internal Mini SAS SFF-8643 to 4 X 29 Pin SFF-8482 Ada with SAS 15 Pin Power Port, 1.6FT, 0.5M: Computers & Accessories). I can't get the drives to recognize, same port...
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    [WTB][US] HBA330

    Looking for standard PCIE model (j7tnv I believe).
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    M1215 Errors After Crossflash

    Running TrueNAS 12.0U2.1 as well as FreeNAS 11.3u5. OS booting off ssd attached to my motherboard sata controller. Supermicro X9 motherboard, 96GB RAM, e5-2667v2, TQ backplane (direct attach), HGST HUSMM1640ASS205 drive. I have tried flashing my M1215s multiple times, writing several different...
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    M1215 how to backup?

    Is there a way to backup the factory data in the card prior to crossflashing? Storcli and sas3flash don't seem to be able to back anything up...
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    Lenovo M1215 Crossflash

    I can't seem to get sas3flash to recognize my Lenovo M1215 card. I have tried with and without the jumper. Tried in both windows 10 and efi with the same results: sas3flash.exe -list Avago Technologies SAS3 Flash Utility Version (2018.04.02) Copyright 2008-2018 Avago Technologies...
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    HGST HUSMM1640 Typical Performance?

    I am not sure what I was expecting but the 4k performance on these drives appears poor? Or perhaps it is my HP h240 HBA? Even worse in ATTO than my 840 pro running the OS.
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    HP H240 Resurection

    I bought 2x H240 adapters on eBay. One was perfect, HBA mode with latest firmware, no issues. The second one I can't get to work (asked for replacement but taking a while). The card isn't totally dead, I can feel the heatsink is getting warm so it is drawing current. In windows it shows up...
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    Samsung PM953 smart values

    I have been buying up some PM953 M.2 drives off ebay and got one which ended up getting the "ERRORMOD" failure. It appeared like it got this failure while I was formatting the drive in Windows 10. After the fault condition appeared I couldn't do anything in Windows with it; just showed as a...
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    846 Fan Wall

    In case someone is looking to make a 120mm fan wall in their 846 and didn't want to use zip ties. I found some fan joiners that work well. They even have an area for some double sided tape. Computer Case Fan Metal Mount Rack Bracket Joint Black
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    X9SRL-F Fan Control

    Anyone have luck in using raw ipmitool commands to alter fan speeds on a X9SRL-F with BMC version 3.19. I am trying to use the following ipmitool command to alter fan speeds but it does not work and no error is reported: ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U ADMIN -P ADMIN raw 0x30 0x91 0x5A...
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    32GB PC3-14900 DDR3 LRDIMM 4x @ $150 of better

    Selling accepting BOs on this already good price. Bought some of this ram last week and appears to be working well. Was not shipped in anti-static packaging but was well wrapped in bubble wrap. Seller is also selling other modules. This ram was on my supermicro motherboard QVL list. Lot of...