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    Unable to get Supermicro X10SRH-CF mobo to power on/post properly

    Afternoon everyone, busy stranger popping back into the fray seeking help :-D I've been focused heavily on the software side of the house (PaaS/Kubernetes) the last few years so I may be rusty WRT my hardware chops but this just has me feeling silly. So a few weeks back picked up a X10SRH-CF...
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    FS: Whitey's EOY 2019 Lab Cleanout

    Good morning all, got some small bits and pieces of gear to says the boss when she looks at my spare parts shelf :-D Aruba J9997A 8-port 1GbE switch (HP Procurve lifetime warranty, nearly brand new, MINT, included pwr adapter (you rarely see this on ebay listings on these...
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    Fishing...any TIG stack guru's around?

    Flailing around here trying to get 'what I thought to be' a fairly simple Telegraf/InfluxDB/Grafana stack going. Before I go into too much detail do we have any 'in the trenches' guru's round' here prior to me going into a novel. It's late or rather early morning here and imma bout to flog...
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    Best value rackmount UPS suggestions

    Hey fam, looking for recommendations on best value/bang for buck UPS for my gear. Current active draw on stack is roughly 4A 24/7/365. Seems like brand new is $$$ so I believe I am ok with refurbished UPS from ebay in good condition w/ like-new batteries. Seems like there are a ton of good...
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    High CPU temps on new AIO build

    TLDR [try to keep this short and sweet] Recently rebuilt my NAS setup back to AIO, had gone from 3 node vSphere cluster to two node, made the capacity FreeNAS machine back into a phys dedicated setup (old X8 mobo w/ Xeon X3450 proc). Newer scalable Silver 4116 2.1GHZ chips don't seem to keep...
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    WTB/WTT sas reverse breakout cables

    I have some but they are awfully LONG and I swear of course I gave away my shorter ones. Looking for someone that may have these laying around and willing to ship for cost of shipping plus a few beers or small trade. Hmm now what do I have laying around that is approx/nominal trade value for...
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    X10SL7-F memory compat inquiry

    Can someone kindly chime in and confirm for me that this memory is compatible with a X10SL7-F supermicro mobo? Believe it should be but want to be certain before I order 4 sticks. M393B1K70DH0-YK0 SAMSUNG 8GB 2RX4 PC3L-12800R 1.35V MEMORY MODULE (1x8GB) TIA, whitey
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    FS: QTY 4 - 16 GB Samsung DDR3 1866 ECC memory, $50 each

    Last batch of memory from my old systems. Down to last bundle of sticks, prefer to sell to single buyer. All dimms are in great shape and have been through memtestx86+ testing. $50 each, $200 for the lot. SAMSUNG 16GB PC3-14900R DDR3-1866 REGISTERED ECC MEMORY MODULE M393B2G70DB0-CMA Free...
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    RESOLVED: LSI 2008 flash update gone horribly wrong

    Feeling silly here, must be rusty, have not done one of these in quite some time. Hitting a wall on my X8SI6-F mobo that has an integrated LSI 2008 B2 chipset. Was at v19, was trying to simply go to Tried this: sas2flsh -list (docuemented sas addy) sas2flsh -o -e 6 sas2flsh -o -f...
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    Intel Scalable processor swapout inquiry

    Hey all, trying to swap a Intel Scalable 3647 LGA proc that I have mated to a Dynatron B5 heatsink. How in the heck do I do this, first time noobie here on a replacement for scalable. I ran it good n hot w/ a CentOS VM running stress and all cores assigned for a couple hours then shutdown...
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    SuperMicro update order of operations?

    Good day all, quick inquiry, when updating SM BIOS/Firmware (RedFish IPMI) does it matter in what order you apply? Should it be BIOS THEN IPMI firmware or does it matter, is there a best practice when going down this rats nest/hole? TIA, whitey
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    HOT HGST HUSMM8040's for $99, qty avail.

    Was $149, 125, 115, now just dropped to $99. Hell, better than I ever did on these. HUSSL4040's for $99 were HOT HOT HOT a year or so ago, those were 6Gbps sas2, these are 12Gbps sas3. Enjoy fellow STH'ers, this'll end ugly...I GUARANTEE it! Sorry all for the loss in your wallets. HGST...
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    Is this just as simple as choose where to snap and have at it? Thinking right at stubby end just past PCI-e connector? No issue right before I go HULK-style? :-D
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    SOLD: QTY 4 - 16GB Samsung DDR3 1866 ECC memory - $55 each

    $55 each, looking to move the lot of 4 to same buyer to save shipping/trips to post office. $220 takes the lot of 64GB of memory (four 16GB modules) PM for interest EDIT: Exact module info: 64GB in 4x16GB SAMSUNG 16GB PC3-14900R DDR3-1866 REGISTERED ECC MEMORY MODULEM393B2G70DB0-CMA
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    WTB: Mellanox MCX311A-XCAT full height bracket

    Anyone have one of these they'd be willing to send me for shipping cost? I can trade/cross-ship for the low profile bracket if needed. Fairly certain I need a full-height to fit my Supermicro CSE-505-203B chassis. PM if you can help a brother out :-D TIA, whitey
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    Feelin' silly, can some kind soul straighten me out

    OK, so my last combo compute deal had some issues moving here so it's time to head to ebay. Can anyone tell me why for the life of me I am struggling w/ this? Looks like if I was to attempt to put that socket 2011 cover on it would bend pins? Am I losing it, I gently placed/set it on there...
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    SOLD: QTY 8 - 16GB Samsung DDR3 1866 ECC memory - $55 each

    One last try to part these out separate from compute bundle before I head to ebay tomorrow 6/29. $55 each, highly desirable to sell in quantities. $425 takes the lot of 128GB of memory (eight 16GB modules) PM for interest EDIT: Exact module info: 128GB in 8x16GB SAMSUNG 16GB PC3-14900R...
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    SOLD: Qty 4 Dell Perc H310 - $30 each

    For sale are qty 4 Dell Perc H310's, pre-flashed to IT mode v20.07.00, been working in FreeNAS/ZoL systems w/ no issues. I also have some minisas/8087 cables, $5 each to add those in. PM for interest/sale. Free shipping. TIA, whitey
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    FS: BNIB Dynatron R14 heatsink

    I have one Dynatron R14 for sale as listing title states, been sitting on my parts shelf/bin for a couple of years. First $25 that hits my PP gets it and I will pickup shipping. Dunno why in the hell I didn't see/think abt bundling this w/ my recent 2670v1 proc sale...ohh well that proc didn't...
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    SOLD: 2011 cpu/mobo/memory bundles (X9SRL-F, 2670v1, 128GB DDR3 1866 ECC memory) - $625

    OK all get your wallets out :-D For sale are two of my 3 nodes compute guts. 3rd node may go for sale as well shortly once I decide what I am going to do (IE replace that compute bundle w/ Xeon-D or keep it as-is) Specs - for $625 you get: MOBO - X9SRL-F PROC - 2670v1 SR0KX MEMORY - 128GB in...