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    3.84TB Micron 5100 (sata)

    Scored 7 of the 7.68TB Micron 5100's for ~ $400 ea. Drives are a mix of HP OEM and retail Micron's. OEM Microns don't support all the SMART attributes that the retail ones do. Sequential and read performance is great both - large and 4K. But when it comes to write speeds: 4K write is all over...
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    Tyan Transport HX FT65T-B8030 AMD EPYC GPU Pedestal Server Review

    The motherboard appears to be a Tyan S8030 series - It's an awesome motherboard. I got the 1GbE LAN version and had enough $ left over to buy a ConnectX-4 :) @Patrick - does the PSU have a PMBUS connection to the motherboard?
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    Forward graphics from other server over ethernet for accelerated graphics.

    Depends on what the use case is. Do you just want to play games? Run some programs that depend upon a graphics card? If you have a NVidia card you can use Nvidia GameStreaming. But it means the other server handles both compute and graphics. Check out Moonlight. AMD has Link/ReLive for...
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    Have they fixed the inability to do mixed WPA2/WPA3 & iOS devices ?
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    Does anyone know what the deal is with the Epyc 7453 (28C/56T)?

    It's meant to take on the 28 Core Intel Xeons that are so popular with hyperscalers and in data centers - the EPYC pricing is much lower than the corresponding Intel SKUs
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    Cheap 16-core build with IPMI: what's possible currently?

    The post you're replying to was in April 2020. Thanks to folks on the forum - I managed to snag a 7302P for ~ $680 before the prices went up [ My post on the build is here if you're interested:] Right now prices are...
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    Teardown of the ADOP 10GMS-30M-T 10Gbase-T Adapter

    There's definite differences in behavior between Aquantia and Marvell based adapters. The Aquantia ones seem to handle 2.5/5/10G seamlessly. The Marvell based ones struggle when put into a 10G SFP slot and connected to nbase-t - either 2.5G or 5G copper cabling. They do handle 10G and 1G just fine
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    ROMED8-2T Front Panel Header pins inaccessible

    The connector linked to above probably has a height of 8mm. The pins on the motherboard would be a standard 6mm. A standard female jumper connector would be 8mm + 6mm for the wire side ~ 14 or 15 mm Your best bet for low profile 2.54mm pitch female connectors is probably mouser/digikey/alibaba...
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    ROMED8-2T Front Panel Header pins inaccessible

    Motherboard front panels connectors are commonly (but not always) of type Dupont / Molex KK Something like this: Dupont 10 pin or Dupont 20 pin ?
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    Supermicro H12SSL-i / H12SSL-NT SlimSAS x8 ports & U.2 SSDs

    Not on the SuperMicro but Tyan has the same port and a SlimSAS to 2 x U.2 cable - Acme Micro sells these in US. The other option is to use TaoBao and get yourself a SlimSAS cable with SATA power connectors...
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    Building lab computers and test-rigs for a high-end gadget

    Call the usual suspects - Provantage/ShopBLT/CDW/Acme/TigerDirect - if you're a real company/corporation, even a small sized one - they will try to work with you and get you an EPYC CPU As for CPUs - if this is a high end gadget, is there a problem with spending 2x the list price? If not - CDW...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    Can anyone with a ICX-7650 ZP comment on how loud the switch is? The data sheets show the 7650ZP at 56 dBA, whereas the ICX-6610 is rated at 49 dBA. Wondering if the 7650-ZP is quieter with single PSU and if it's as quiet as the 6610 ...
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    AMD EPYC Rome CPU via HPE 'upgrade' very cheap

    Check - the Tyan boards do have fan control
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    Capacity layer SSD Choices in 2021.

    You used to be able to get the 7.68TB Micron 5300 PRO's for $900 ~ 1,000 brand new but it's more difficult now since there's a shortage and inventory is slowly drying up. Still here's one on eBay: Micron 5300 PRO 7.68TB SATA 2.5" 3D TLC SSD - MTFDDAK7T6TDS-1AW1ZABYY | eBay For used Microns -...
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    Power usage of AMD Epyc 7282 vs 7302P

    Depends on what the Tyan board had - 1.2kW dual PSUs, 100GbE & 25GbE Mellanox cards, Intel Optane drives - yeah that will suck up power like crazy. I wish STH did CPU power figures - like by measuring CPU power lines or maybe RAPL counters in Linux... I have a 7302p in a Tyan S8030 and can...
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    EPYC Milan on Supermicro H11 board?

    Are you trolling? If not - check out
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    I've heard sites like SuperBuy and WeGoBuy do quite a bit of the heavy lifting for ordering from TaoBao. If you're interested in doing a group order to minimize shipping cost - I am sure Tyan users on the forum would want a couple of cables :) count me in if that's the case ...
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    Found the SFF-8654 to 2 x U.2 cable on TaoBao: SFF8654(SLIMSAS)转SFF8639NVMe(U.2)线缆SAS连接线-淘宝网
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    Tyan S8030GM2NE

    If you look at v 4.00 README - it lists the three steppings (two - B0 and B1 - for Milan and one - B0 - for Rome) for the microcode I'm surprised that there's two steppings, wonder which CPUs are B0. I asked on Anandtech as to the stepping of the CPU they tested but no reply yet