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    Firmware Flash X520

    for further reference: get "Ethtool" onto it, i use it to take cards between software revisions & manufactures id's (specifically these cards & the 540's) backup current state: sudo ethtool -e ethX raw on > ethX.bin then after that you can do all sorts of non-standard flash & re-flashing...
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    Xyratex SBB enclosures and compatible controllers

    Yep let's not even get started about the stupidity of a xyratex "USB" plug to DB9... ESP. the RJ45 to RS232 that can clash with POE. There should be a special place in hell for designers & engineers that misuse connectors.,
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    [EBAY] Xyratex HB-1235 $60 pick up only in Tampa, FL

    And you will be telling me next that this is a reset button....... and not a "service port" for accessing the inbuilt engineering console.
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    [EBAY] Xyratex HB-1235 $60 pick up only in Tampa, FL

    I'm not complaining about the price.... and I am well aware of what the current market for such items is, and if shipping would not be so much a killer, i would take 2. I was talking about Xyratex (and OEM badged kit) kit currently floating about on the market. Storeview /other OEM embedded...
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    Ruckus Wireless as an Unifi alternative?

    I moved the company into into Rukus kit right near the start.. We had significant issues related to mac osx WIFI & rukus, with both shouting they were following the spec & it wast the other companies fault... Spent a lot of time in tracking it down with both companies, most of it got...
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    [EBAY] Xyratex HB-1235 $60 pick up only in Tampa, FL

    Sadly it is dead HW, in that there is ZERO support & updates.... plus much of the top end functionality is license locked... via the embedded storeview. It's like there is a massive conspiracy with Seagate/google as regards to getting info on xyratex kit....
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    Xyratex SBB enclosures and compatible controllers

    No need to mess about.........
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    Arista .swi Firmware Checksums

    MD5 9e68432a60660e196e2366260546919a EOS-4.13.10M.swi 9a75f9ac87500c3f24e36e019c0c9338 EOS-4.14.6M.swi sha256 dedbeecb51c8dcbcf792270d7e9ae8615ad3612b6d3740b053093a6393e1d398 EOS-4.13.10M.swi b4b7790d751a861f24428d16fadf0458e17b61a2cc3a78bce81dd4a59186dd42 EOS-4.14.6M.swi SHA1 & MD5 really are...