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    Home server Epyc Rome build with Asrock ROMED8-2T

    Love this board and AMD so far - haven't had an AMD processor since K5 days. I was coming from a Xeon E3 v1 for my home server so the performance is simply incredible. I move my Proxmox boot to two mirrored Samsung 970 NVMEs. Got to remove a 10gb ethernet card since the Asrock board has an...
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    ASRock Rack 6 pin fan header

    I'm not familiar with the ASRock Rack 6 pin fan headers on the ROMED8-2T motherboard. Are these compatible with 4 pin and 3 pin fans? Can't find information on them anywhere. I'm not even sure what the next two pins are for.
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    Am I nuts? All Epyc boards have the socket turned 90 degrees.

    Noctua seems to make the only coolers available for Epyc SP3. I’ve looked at the Supermicro and Asrock boards and it seems like the noctua coolers will all blow hot air to the top or alternatively, bottom of the case, not to the back where the exhaust fans are. Am I looking at something...
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    Epyc Rome vs Scalable

    Need advice: It's time to upgrade my Xeon E3-1230 v1 home server. Current: ESXi, ZFS storage pools, video streaming server, a few VMs. Would like something that I can eventually offload archival video transcoding from my Xeon W workstation. A family member wants to do some basic machine...
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    OpenSSH OmniOS with HPN Patch

    I just recently moved from the SunSSH to OpenSSH following the instructoins in the r151016 release notes. Basically this involves rejecting the SunSSH packages and installing the OpenSSH packages. I am happy to report this resulted in an rsync (via ssh) speedup from ~60MB/s to 90MB/s over 1Gb...