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    FS: Asus 10GB 10GBase-T NIC XG-C100C

    Card is barely used, probably no more than 24 hours power on time. Comes with original packing. Asking $75 shipped, item is located in NY and will ship using USPS. Paypal only.
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    Nappit AIO - Typical CPU Usage

    Fairly new to Nappit and ZFS, just setup a AIO box for testing. Created a SMB share on the VM, and initiated a copy of a large file to the share and ESXi is showing about 50% cpu usage. Seems pretty high no? Or this is typical for Xeon D-1541? Current Setup ESXi 6.7 with latest patches MB...
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    Issue installing OmniOS on Asrock D1541D4U-2T8R

    I have an ASRock D1541D4U-2T8R and I've run into an issue installing OmniOS. When I boot off the USB key I get a BTX halted. I've checked the bios settings to make sure all the Sata is in AHCI mode. I currently have a M.2 drive installed with 6 sata drives. Anyone have any idea what the...