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  1. hmartin

    $25 - Netgear GS308E Managed switch

    You can often find the HP 1810-8G for $25-$30 on eBay. The 1810-8G can be PoE powered from port 1. It only has web UI management (no SSH/cli), but it's HP ProCurve with a real lifetime warranty. If you want a small managed switch, I'd choose HP ProCurve over Netgear any day.
  2. hmartin

    $149 - XPG GAMMIX S70 1TB PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe - 7400/5500MB/s

    Do you have a newsletter for all these good deals you find? :p
  3. hmartin

    ICX7150 for repair?

    If your PoE needs are light, you might look into the MA-PWR-90WAC and MA-PWR-100WAC power supplies for Meraki equipment. They can usually be found quite inexpensively. The UMEC UP1501D-54 is the 54V 150W PSU found inside the MS220-8P, but it's harder to find.
  4. hmartin

    UK (UK) Need a 12U cabinet!

    You might want to check out Thomann, though typically their cabinets are 40cm deep (half depth). Millenium SR-2012 Thomann Rack Case 12U
  5. hmartin

    [Worldwide][FS] Samsung SSD 1TB

    Where are they shipped from? For example, if it is outside the EU, the buyer will be obligated to pay VAT/duties on the shipment, which significantly changes how attractive the deal is.
  6. hmartin

    EU WTB: Cisco Meraki MS120 switch

    Not sure how to mark this as resolved, but I've acquired an MS120-24.
  7. hmartin

    EU FS: Motherboards, power supplies, networking, laptops, and some free stuff!

    Alright I want this shit gone. Price dropped on the OCP motherboard and Intel server. Anything else you want, DM me an offer.
  8. hmartin

    EXPIRED Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    It arrived and I can confirm it's functionally an MR32 in a weather sealed enclosure. Mine seems somewhat flaky, sometimes it just stays with a red LED with no output on UART and doesn't boot :confused: Unfortunately the firmware is too new to use the reset button method mentioned in the...
  9. hmartin

    EXPIRED Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    Haven't heard anything from the seller despite paying on Monday... :confused:
  10. hmartin

    EXPIRED Meraki MR52 29,90€ (gone)

    There's a German seller with the MR72, which appears to be the outdoor variant of the MR32 (?). Shipping to Germany only, payment only via SEPA transfer. Anyway, you know the drill by now, there are 5 remaining. Edit: Looks like it's broadcom based so OpenWrt support might not be possible.
  11. hmartin

    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    Yes, exactly this.
  12. hmartin

    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    I built an ATX->Fujitsu 12V power adapter. The Fujitsu PSU pinout isn't a state secret or anything. (I would consider selling these if there's any interest) The I2C connection to the PSUs is not required and as far as I know is only used for workstations with redundant hot-swap PSUs. Since...
  13. hmartin

    Sweet little Mini ITX MB combo

    I found a good deal ($48.99; bare board) on one of these in 2015 for a friend. They've been using an i5-2500 in it since then. Rock solid board, I really recommend it. Word to the wise though, the USB2 front-panel headers are using a smaller pitch than normal. I used 2.0mm female to 2.54mm male...
  14. hmartin

    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    There is no port multiplier in the ASM1166, it's a native 6 port SATA3 design. The PCIe upstream bandwidth is limited, so you cannot achieve 6Gbps to all 6 devices (even with PCIe Gen 3). No issues so far. Yes, this is what I did. I have the crimp tool for molex connectors, so I crimped...
  15. hmartin

    EU Dell/Gigabyte MT70-HD0 (Cavium ThunderX CN8890)

    Because they copy-pasta'd from this auction: Supermicro X11SSE-F Socket H4 LGA 1151 Intel BLADE motherboard + COOLER | eBay Only this, otherwise it makes no sense.
  16. hmartin

    EU Dell/Gigabyte MT70-HD0 (Cavium ThunderX CN8890)

    Scaleway is a previous employer and I have first hand experience with these servers. They are full of firmware bugs and would frequently kernel panic. Support from Dell is non-existent (e.g. check the service tag, it returns no results) and Gigabyte isn't much better. I see they have released a...
  17. hmartin

    EU Dell/Gigabyte MT70-HD0 (Cavium ThunderX CN8890)

    Edit: These are the former ARM64 instances. I would avoid ;) (Pro-tip for equipment decommissioning, remove your DC labels before sending to resellers) Not sure if this is a great deal, but it's certainly an obscure deal. This is the first time I've seen a Cavium ThunderX...
  18. hmartin

    Potential Deal: 2 x Dual 2011 nodes @$199, Quanta Openrack

    ipmitool in Linux should allow you to configure the OOB management.
  19. hmartin

    EU Rackable NM46X 12-LFF chassis 60€ BO

    You don't need an HBA. I bought an ASM1166 SATA card with 6 ports, plus the 6 SATA ports on my motherboard, it works fine. You can also 3D print more drive caddies if you want some spares: 3.5" HDD Caddy for Rackable Systems Server by greenedge Be careful here, the power/reset buttons run...