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    Ups with long backup time

    I'm looking for for ups that could be hooked up externally with ups battery such as panasonic's vrla battery. i've been using modified ups with same setup but it doesnt have proper cooling and voltage regulation. My wattage need is not that big, only around 1300-1500w. But where i live blackout...
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    3u chinese server cases

    Anyone tried these before? Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at I'm looking for cheap server case and because of the shipment to my country, the ones from china seems to be a better option. Particulary concerned about the airflow, i was going to look for 4u with short...
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    IPMI IKVM + External display on Supermicro X11SBA-F?

    I've been thinking of getting X11SBA-F for to replace my aging operator machine, but it must be hooked to a monitor 24/7, and at the same time i want IPMI IKVM to be active as well. Otherwise, i'd rather get consumer motherboard without IPMI. Problem is, my previous experience with X11SCA-F...
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    X11SBA-F Psu options

    I plan on using this SM board with this case I need the case to be as small as possible cause i'm gonna mount it to AOC's 16 inch usb monitor Now the problem is getting a server grade PSU that could fit that casing, The only option i see is Pico PSU and HDplex's 200w direct DC atx, I've had...
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    HGST 4u60 + LSI 9300 8i + Server 2019 = stuck at spinning logo

    Specs : MSI Z390 Pro Intel i7 8700 32gb ram corsair HGST 4u60 LSI 9300 8i Intel i2Ti Last night there was a power surge, not sure what caused it, and it fried my nvme i think, it became undetected So i reinstalled a new nvme drive with server 2019. During installation it went just fine. But...
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    Need Advice on NVME m.2 chasiss

    Is there any aftermarket chassis such as HGST 4u60 but for nvme? 24 slots will do. I've been searching for some time but seems like only Supermicro is available thanks
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    LSI 9300 8i not detecting samsung EVO 850

    Is there any known compatibily issue? I'm running this on gigabyte z390 aorus ultra with server 2016. Already update the firmware, driver and bios as well. Strange thing is, i can't see the bios menu of the sas card during boot, is it supposed to be that way?
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    Cheap low power embedded board

    Looking for cheap low power (<10w) embedded board, preferably intel, cause amd tends to have higher tdp. It will be used for 2 billing applications, email application and chat app 24/7 I've looked at supermicro but they're too expensive. Theres also this j1900 qotom board but i'm worried it...
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    Hba card recommendation for ssd

    Hi folks, i'm looking to get hba card that could be used with breakout sata cable, either sff 8087 / 8088 to sata. And it must also be able to be able to hit 6Gbps, cause ive read some dell card only hits 3Gbps for each drive.. Trim capability would be nice too Any recommendations? Edit : 8463...
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    Pitstop's ssd jbod tower?

    16 bay 2.5" SAS / SATA External Enclosure - J1606S Anyone bought this? Cant find any review or any comments about this.. I'm interested cause i'm looking for all ssd rack.. and it seems like theres very little affordable options.. The size is also ideal, not much bigger than regular pc casing..
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    9202-16e / 9300-8e z370 compatible board?

    Ok.. so ive had this spec for a while and its pretty stable. Server 2012 r2 X99 taichi Xeon e5 2670 ES Corsair memory 32 gb Intel pcie nic connected to poe switch for cctv Kingston ssd 9202-16e hooked up to 4u60 jbod But its rather overkill for my needs cause im just using it for emby...
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    Cheapest option for high speed 5-6tb storage under SATA?

    I'm using 2x1 TB Black WB under raid 0 setup for a diskless server Because of the nature of the diskless environment, I need to upgrade them with a faster drive... Problem is, i'm also gonna need twice of that size, about 4-5TB, I was gonna use NVME but it's too expensive and then i also...
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    linksys lgs552 cpu?

    I'm looking for a 48 port gb switch with 10g uplink, and linksys lgs552 seems to be the one with reasonable price in my country, there's one concern though, i cannot find any information about its cpu specs, i saw a review dissecting it and it says it's using marvell board but it doesn't say...
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    HGST 4u60 + Dell SC8000 adding drive issue

    Is there any limitations of using Dell SC8000 (A.k.a LSI 9208 16e rebranded) for more than 11 drives? I'm using it at first along with HGST 4u60 and 10 drives and it works fine on my win server 2012 r2. Soon after i added 1 more drive and it's detected. But after about a year or so i added 12th...
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    Need some advice about vsga

    Hi.. i'm currently using diskless solution (ccboot) with 30 quad core amd a68n-5200 clients, the primary usage is video playing (youtube) and chrome multitab browsing. Theres also Photoshop and corel but they are rarely used. I'm interested with vsga solution, but since theres not much...
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    Need help with Dell SC8000 sas card + HGST4u60

    Ok i recently bought HGST 4u60 which needs 8644 cables.. so i bought Dell SC8000.. After some googling it's apparently LSI 9208 16e rebranded.. Problem is, i have no experience in flashing or dealing with SAS card.. I've updated the card to the latest firmware using the files here SAS...
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    Power supply router?

    Does such thing exist? I have 3 rooms of mini itx PC totalling 60 units using traditional pc case.. The goal is to minimize power usage as much as possible using minimal amount of psu's But i cant use mini itx cluster chassis or alike cause each unit must have keyboad, mouse and headset close...
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    Maximum # harddisk a motherboard can handle with 2 SAS expanders

    I'm new to this JBOD thing so bear with me.. Planning to build gigantic Media server running Ubuntu. I just bought 1 HP SAS expander and an IBM M1015 SAS Card which has 2 SFF8087 ports, meaning it can hold up to 2 SAS expanders... I've measured the mobo and it looks like 2 SAS expander could...
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    Intel / Supermicro Motherboards compatible with SAS expander

    Hi..I'm trying to build a 36 SATA HDD setup based on SAS motherboard + SAS controller (if needed) + SAS expander... But due to limited server motherboard availability in my country (and very little information about this setup) i need to know which motherboard is compatible to my SAS expander...