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    Of Cheap(er) Meats, Small Apartments and microservers...

    Okay, so this is a bit of a slightly off-topic article, meant as a counterpoint to the article @Patrick wrote comparing barbecues to virtualizaton. A few good points, to be sure. But some of us are really "serving the home", and when your home is a small condo or co-op instead of a house with...
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    Of BBQ and Virtualization Why Large Nodes Reign

    This article begs for a rebuttal from us apartment dwelling city slickers...
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    Arista 7050QX-32S Rebooting every 13 hours

    Yeah, it should work - although I would go ECC (unregistered, unbuffered) if it's going into mission critical applications - otherwise, regular desktop RAM will work. Considering tossing in a 16GB DIMM (unofficially supported) just in case it's a memory leak or something like that. I am not...
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    Arista 7050QX-32S Rebooting every 13 hours

    Swap RAM module (the chassis use standard desktop DDR3) and see if the issue goes away?
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    HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus Review This is Super

    Did HPE validate the ConnectX-3 VPI (HP 544QSFP) on the machine? You can get one of those for cheap (less than 35 USD), and SRIOV works fine in Linux. Probably good to have if you want proof that it's a buggy SRIOV implementation on the firmware...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    6.7 yes, 7.0 no. 7.0 does not have the VMKLinux support at all, while 6.7 is not enabled unless you specifically disable the native driver and enable the VMKLinux driver. It’s not like the card doesn’t work on the native driver - it just doesn’t give you SRIOV.
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Eh, yeah, you can just use some gaffer's tape to hold the 2242 drive in place...that's what I use for testing on my 5070. Also, 45 USD for a 512GB TLC isn't terrible in terms of pricing.
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    FYI, the 5070/5070 "big" will not take 2242 drives, only 2260 and 2280. Keep that in mind during your shopping sessions.
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    126 USD good enough for you?
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Any issues allocating/deallocating/reallocating VFs to those VMs? And what OSes are you using on those VM guest?
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    My BBQ and Smoker Thread

    Heh, you still want that Isilon/Superdome smoker, don’t you?
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Hunting down a cheap 5070 “big” now. Let’s see.
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Huh. Interesting. This looks similar to my experiences with the t740, Proxmox 6 (Debian based) and the Flareon SFN7322F (it's basically the same as the SFN7122F, except the hardware ptp stamping is factory enabled). The important distinction is that when I tried to allocate more than 7 VFs...
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    EU Dell Wyse 7010 Thin Client w/PCIe slot

    I think it’s more due to the smaller RAM allotment on the t620 plus, or maybe because the win7 embedded image is 32 bit only. If the licensing is hardware tattooed you can try installing a 64 bit embedded image (assuming MSDN access) and the license “should” activate. That machine can be...
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Good to know. What is your 5070 “big” currently running? I am doing a forum thread (and possibly something else) on the 5070 and I need to know if SRIOV is working or not. One of the big negative on the t730 is it’s inability to safely do SRIOV (no PCI Access Control Services to do PCIe device...
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Which one did you order? Did the listing say "5070 CTO" and you lucked out with the extended model? Or does the listing explicitly say "5070 Extended" specifically?
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    How much did that 5070 extended ending up costing you? I want to do a pricing comparison here.
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    Need help power wise

    ooooh. Get that USB-PD to cigarette lighter cable as well - if the 802.3OMGWTFBBQ doesn't work, you won't lose techie creds running your grill off a power bank!
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    Need help power wise went with the Bowie but not the Wifi model? I am going to assume you already have a 802.3bt capable switch somewhere (didn't you do a video on the topic not too long ago?) In case you need a spare power brick for the Bowie, it's a YU12010A - 28 bucks on eBay if you can tolerate slow...
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    (US) 90 dollar Wyse 5070 Thin client/mini-server?

    Is it supposed to? One of my already developing pet peeves about the 5070 is how it does not come with the M.2 retaining standoff. On my t740 it's in place and ready to go even for the unpopulated SATA slot. I mean, sure, it saves a few bucks, but c'mon, seriously?