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    Backup to NAS and to Cloud

    hi for my company i would like to backup a folder with all client data to the QnapNAS and retain changes and deleted files like this: daily changes for 31 days monthly changes for 12 months yearly changes for 7-10 years so the folder structure should look like this: year03-month03-day02...
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    napp it nfs subtree_check

    is it possible to allow subtree checking in omnios and if so how do i accomplish this?
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    esxi empedded host client and vcenter

    hi i have just joined my esxi to my vsphere domain and enabled "allow local login" but i can't login to the esxi embedded host client, which i used till now, with the old credetlials? hase someone an idea how to fix this?
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    napp-it execute smb share

    hi i am new to napp-it and face some problems which i cant solve. I have setup napp-it-to-go and joined my domain (worked perfectly in comparison to freenas) and shared a test folder via smb with guest enabled and configured the smb share permission via the windows computer management console...
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    Napp-it websocket server missing

    Hi i installed napp-it on solaris 11.3 and i am getting the error websocket server: missing on the front page, i couldnt find any thing on that on the web. Can someone tell me, what does the websocket server do and how can i fix this error?