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    Wanted: 9207-8i (or equivalent) in Europe

    Damn that's some crap luck. I've had nothing but good experiences with used HP H220 from China so far. But I don't buy the cheapest one available. Think I've paid 45USD per or so from a vendor, ninety nine percent certain they are decommissioned server pulls.
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    WTB - enterprise SSDs (CAN/US)

    Oops. Thanks. North America (Canada). Happy to cover intl post from USA.
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    WTB - enterprise SSDs (CAN/US)

    Hey STH members Looking for some SSDs to load out a few servers. In need of minimum 6 drives, around 200GB+. Could be SAS or SATA, let me know what you've got. Enterprise write endurance and PLP for Proxmox hosts. Also looking for some larger SAS drives for a modest all-flash ZFS pool...
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    Yikes! Hope they're ok. Thanks for letting me know
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    I think has had some HGST SAS units knocking about for awhile. There was a STH coupon code for them awhile back for some extra bucks off list. Maybe the discount still works?
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    WS X570-Ace $280 New @ newegg

    Nice price. Love this motherboard. Running two of them now.
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    SOLD: Xeon E5-2690 2.90Ghz 8-Core 20MB LGA2011 CPUs

    Oh wow I was literally just coming here to find something like this. PM'd ya!!! Thanks.
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    $79.75: 960GB Micron 5100 Pro

    Nice. I wish the 960GB would come back there. That was a killer deal, and I didn't realise just how good at the time. Would've ordered more back then.
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    Xeon D-1541 Quanta storage servers on ebay

    Omg. Thanks for reminding me why I've been ignoring STH great deals forum emails lately :p These look perfect for ceph cluster nodes.
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    eBay 10% off. Expires 09/30. Max $50. Limit 1 use

    There may be some truth to some of that for sure. Wouldn't be surprised in the least if there are some basic algorithms surrounding offers going to members based on their activity. I did get the 10% in-app bucks offer today. Mine was set to expire on 09/18 though (tomorrow...), not 09/30 Maybe...
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    $189.97 for 160GB (10x) 16GB DDR3 PC3-12800R 2Rx4

    LOT OF 10 M393B2G70BH0-CK0 SAMSUNG 16GB 2RX4 PC3-12800R server memory GREAT!! ;) | eBay Seller has 3 lots left by the looks of it, free shipping in USA and potential 10% off in eBay bucks if you have the offer on your eBay app today. Even with the added shipping + import to Canada it's cheaper...
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    Samsung PM953 M.2 960GB $69.70 / $65 BO

    Oh totally, I'd be wary of that as well! The reported attributes look like a bundle of red flags. Though I'm no expert at reading SMART attributes. Let us know how it works out when they reply. I'll check my drive when it gets here, too - though it will be a little while longer to get to the...
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    Samsung PM953 M.2 960GB $69.70 / $65 BO

    Dang. Thanks for sharing. Looks like the power on hours are as described in the eBay listing (quite low). Wonder if it was DoA, or if something dubious is going on with the SMART readings? Did you contact the seller?
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    Samsung PM953 M.2 960GB $69.70 / $65 BO

    Nice. Thanks for share. Snagged one. Missed the OBO note, too :P I've bought from this seller a bit too and they run a good show! Drive was dispatched next day after labour day. :)
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    The days of 2011 is dimming?

    Very useful info, thanks! Learning a lot about AMD's recent stuff today. That's interesting about the data width on the memory. Ah great, I was going to be to ask if anyone here had Linux experience with these newer chips! Out of curiosity, when you say relatively ancient deb install, what...
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    The days of 2011 is dimming?

    Ahh - that is very helpful information. TIL. Thanks for sharing! I think I'd read somewhere a caution on maxing out memory speed and optimising latency in the CPU before - and probably totally missed that they were talking about a different generation, by the sounds of it. Sounds like it's not...
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    The days of 2011 is dimming?

    UDIMM does still seem to be pricier than RDIMM DDR4, but not 3x the price at least (I'm lookin at you, DDR3 a few weeks ago, hah!) It does seem to depend on motherboard implementation. The x570 WS ("worksation") motherboards for Ryzen do mostly seem to support the ECC option. Well, at least the...
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    The days of 2011 is dimming?

    Seems like AMD is making some strides in the CPU Land lately. Looks like a nice chip. I'm a little torn. Currently it's between the Xeon E-2200 (soon to be available?), plus C246 workstation motherboard, or the Ryzen with an Asus WS motherboard (w/ ECC) for a new workstation build. Intel is...
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    Xeon E-2200 release date?

    Are we still waiting? Can't find anything at resellers yet. :confused: Interwebs seems to be alight with specs though. If someone spots some drop a note here! ;)
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    Advice on building Xeon workstation

    Following with interest :) Actually just came to this subforum to post a similar request for advice. My i7 workstation from 2014 has started to go kaput. Looking forward to hearing what route you go and how the build works out, LarryS.