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    ESXi all-NVMe storage array requirements

    Make sure you look at the license cost for vGPU from Nvidia. The last card that has free vGPU is the kepler card (Grid K2/K1).
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    How to log all websites visited from people in the office?

    Thank you. Let me look more into it. I was using pi-hole web interface log query and just realized that I'll need to refresh the page to see the new logs. Thanks
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    How to log all websites visited from people in the office?

    Hi everyone, I have a need to log all website visited by employees in the office. I don't need to know who's viewing what website, just which websites are visited. I am looking at DNS log from pi-hole but it doesn't show everything. I don't want to install anything on people computer, I need...
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    WTB: 5x 8tb NAS HD

    Thank you. I think the best is waiting for the BB sale. My NAS does use SAS connections and I have no issue mixing SATA and SAS drives in the same array. Thinking more about this, due to COVID-19, shipping takes forever to get anywhere and it's best not to subject HDs to such hardship. I'll...
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    WTB: 5x 8tb NAS HD

    Good morning, My NAS has 5x 4tb drives that are in the 50,000 hr range and I expect them to give me SMART error in the next year or so. I want to start looking for replacement drives around 8tb (the more the better but I like 8tb to be the minimum). Is there anyone in the US that have 5 low...
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    WTB: Intel SSD S3700

    Can you tell me how many you have and the asking price? Thanks
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    WTB: Intel S3700 400gb

    Yes, you are correct. I edited the original post.
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    WTB: Intel S3700 400gb

    Good morning. I am looking for 2-4 Intel S3700 400gb drives. If you have a few that you don't use, please let me know. I am looking at around $55/per. Thanks
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    2TB Intel NVME & More NVME Drives! -- Price DROP

    What adapter are you using with the u.2 SSD? Can they be included? I don't have a need for more storage but somehow I keep on looking for more. I need help.
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    Can I setup dramdrive as datastore in ESXi?

    As SDRAM has been much more reasonable, I want to use dramdrive for datastore in ESXI 5.5 to store test VM. Basically I want to be able to clone a test OS to dramdrive datastore, run some test program on it then wipe it. Is there a way to do that in ESXi? I prefer to do this directly from...
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    Considering upgrade from Intel/E5-2670v1 to SM/E5-2620v4

    Read up on AMD Rome offer. I am holding onto my v2 setup (E5-2696v2 with 256Gb DDR3). The next upgrade would be Rome and not v3/v4.
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    Is it ok to use Motherboard SATA for ZFS?

    You need to add (for the board X10sdv) : # INTEL Lynx Point AHCI 8086 8c02 d3d0 false to /etc/vmware/ Reboot. Then you can add the PCI Device for the AHCI controller to your FreeNAS VM. If you are running ZFS as a VM that is. If your ZFS is bare metal and there's no issue...
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    Cheapest vsphere grid gpu without licensing costs from Nvidia

    Using furmak at 1024x768 on one of the computer (45 fps). The second GPU of the grid get up to 75+ C using 116 out of 117W max. The server is in the basement so it's relatively cool. I didn't try taxing both GPU. I don't think the 80mm fan would be able to cool 234W.
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    Cheapest vsphere grid gpu without licensing costs from Nvidia

    I have a Grid K2 for VDI. Love it. It's more than what I need for light CAD and general GPU web browsing tasks. It does use quite a bit of power and requires a cooling fan. I 3D printed a holder for an 80mm fan in the back because I don't think the 846 case fan was enough. The smaller...
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    Considering upgrade from Intel/E5-2670v1 to SM/E5-2620v4

    Sell everything you just bought. especially when DDR4 is still hot. As far as benchmark, the new setup doesn't get you any more performance. In fact it's even slightly slower. It gets you slightly better power usage but that's at 100% CPU utilization (85 vs 115 watts). At idle, the...
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    Different E5-2600 v1 CPUs on the same dual Xeon motherboard?

    Back in the old 5500 series processors, Intel was a lot more specific when it comes to running two different CPUs. In the end, don't try it since Intel only validate very similar CPUs on dual CPU configuration. Here's the exact quote: While Intel does nothing to prevent processors from...
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    3.5" to 2.5" adapter $3

    If I remember correctly I was using all 4 screws. I couldn't full a caddy out to check what I had on the server but I'll take out a spare adapter and see how it fits. As far as airflow, I am using this to put SSD in the 3.5" slot. SSD don't generate much heat so I was not too concerned...
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    3.5" to 2.5" adapter $3

    Here are the 3.5 -> 2.5 adapters. They work with my supermicro 486 case. 9W8C4 Y004G 3.5" to 2.5" Adapter for Dell F238F R730 R720 SAS/SATA Tray Caddy 711765390779 | eBay
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    Best LGA2011 for SSI-EEB case

    Supermicro X9DR3-LN4F+-B. It has 24 ram slots. I have one. It's alot less expensive to get lots of memory on this board. When I upgraded my other computers to 32G sticks, I put the 16 sticks on the X9DR3-LN4F+-B and still get tons of memory.
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    Installed ESXi 6.7 on a 10 year old Dell server. vCenter worthwhile?

    You'll need vcenter if you want to clone a VM (move, copy etc) easily.