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    SAS cable for IBM ServeRAID M1015 / LSI SAS9220-8i

    Hi - I have the famous IBM ServeRAID M1015 / LSI SAS9220-8i HBA card that I would like to put to good use. I also have a bunch of "enterprise" SAS 3.5" spinning hard drives. I am trying to find out what cable(s) I need to *directly* connect up to 8 of the SAS drives to this HBA card. I see...
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    IBM M1015 / LSI 9211-8i in Dell R710 with PERC 6/i

    Hi all - New here! I have a Dell R710 with the integrated PERC 6/i storage controller (8 x 2.5"). I also have the famous IBM M1015 HBA. I would like to use the M1015 in the R710 (instead of the PERC 6/i), but I am not sure how to connect it to the built-in SAS backplane in the R710. The...