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    [SOLD] [FS] Quanta LB6M 10G 24 SFP+ Switch - Used 6 Months - DC Enviroment

    I bought 2 of the Quanta LB6M switches new and unused from Unix Plus. I converted them to the Brocade turboiron firmware and used them for testing in at our datacenter for 6 months. Both units in working perfect working condition but may have a few scratches from being racked. Paid $349.99 each...
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    Port Flapping with Aristia Switch and Mellanox Connectx 3 Pro

    I have two Aristia 7150S-R that are mlagged together and I have all my servers using bonds across the mlagged switches. Four of my servers are experiencing random port flaps on then 10G. If I reboot the server it will stay up for 5-7 days and then start doing it again. Switch OS 4.18 Server OS...