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    SFF-8087 To 8088

    Anyone knows of any place to get these at a decent price? None china vendor if possible? Kinda need it asap
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    HGST HUH721008AL5204

    Got a couple of these drives from eBay and I got netapp drives trying to use them in none netapp hardware (windows) Drives seem to work fine, but the speed slows to a crawl can these not be used in none netapp hardware? Anyway to flash the firmware on these to none netapp?
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    Case Mods

    Anyone got any tips or videos on drilling and tapping holes for the motherboard standoffs on a case doing this for the first time wondering whats the best way to go about this
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    HP Gear for sale

    * HP ProCurve 20 Port GIG-T PoE+/2 Port SFP+ V2 ZL Module J9536A - BRAND NEW $995 obo * HP ProCurve 2920-24G-PoE+ Ethernet Switch 20 x GbE PoE+ HP j9727a $949 obo JG641A I HP 830 8P PoE+ Unifd Wired-WLAN Switch $250 obo HP Procurve 5406R zl2 PoE+ 6-Slot Ethernet Network Switch P/N...
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    ibm m1015 flashing

    So i have 2 of these and 1 dell perc in my system anyway to safely flash the ibm's without having to have only 1 card in the system at a time?
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    anyone know if its possible to flash the onboard sas on this board?
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    Intel 535 or Samsung pro

    looking to get 2 ssd's to do a raid0 for my os which would you guys pick 2x 512gb Samsung ssd pro or 2x 480gb intel 535? thanks for the help