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    Rare Epyc 7B12 CPUs PSB Unlocked. 64 CORE SOLD Transaction to be conducted on eBay. Price is $3,500 per. The item location is in Florida. You can also transact using PayPal I can send you a business invoice. Tested on a SuperMicro H11DSI Motherboard Rev 2. Rare Epyc 7B12 CPUs PSB Unlocked. Designed...
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    For Sale or Trade 2 AMD EPYC 7B12

    Rare Epyc 7B12 CPUs PSB Unlocked. Designed FOR N2D Machine Types N2D machine types are the largest general-purpose machine type with up to 224 vCPUs and 896 GB of memory. These VMs are designed to provide you with the same features as N2 VMs. Best fit: Web applications, databases, workloads...
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    I have 2 7B12 not locked. Looking for 7742 100-000000053-04 ES. For a swap

    I have 2 EPYC 7B12 not locked. These are not ES or QS, these a prod retail. Looking for 2 ,7742 100-000000053-04 ES. For a swap.
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    Supermicro H11DSI-NT REV 2.0 Quality Issues

    Hello, Has anyone been experiencing issues with NEW H11DSI-NT REV 2.0? I have had 3 issues in the last 3 months. 1. The first motherboard had random power shutdowns. (replaced) 2. The second motherboard, after 3 weeks of running, network controller dies. (replaced) 3. Latest purchase, came...
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    H11DSi sudden restart crashing

    Greetings I have a NEw H11DSi (rev 2) that randomly restart by itself, causing issues with the operating system as it crashes. it happens not under load. im using 2 7742 ES 100-000000053-04, with 4 sticks of 16gb DDR4 3200,, installed on slots P1Dimma1, p1Dimmb1, and p2Dimma1 , p2Dimmb1 64...