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    ASRock Rack ROME8D-2T no post "00" with naples 7551p

    Hello all, Just built a new server based on a ROME8D-2T and a 7551p I've spent the weekend trying to get this computer to post with no luck, always shows a "00" code, I've built a number of computers over the years but this is the first server I've built from scratch, I'm hoping you can point...
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    EPYC 7001 in a ASUS KRPA-U16?

    Hello, Been lurking for awhile hope someone can help with this. I have been hunting for a EPYC single socket board with 16 DIMM slots and the only one I can find that is actually available for purchase is an ASUS KRPA-U16. I already have a 7551P that I would like to use so my question has...