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    The quest for the HGST UltraStar SN260 firmware updates...

    This is turning into a sh**t show of how pathetic this industry is turning. Quick recap: Any iDRAC update after 5.00.yy.z bricks my Dell PowerEdge T640 if the two Dell-Banded HGST NVMe drives are present in the system. (yellow screen of death). - Case opened with Dell support. They tried to...
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    HGST HUSMR7676BHP3Y1 firmware? (SN200 7.68Tb)

    Hi, I have a few of these (all on KNGND101) and I can see signs of more recent firmwares in a few places, e.g: (says KNGND110). I'm researching a failure to boot with iDRAC >= 5.00.yy.z if those drives...
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    8 x SSD drives in a Dell PowerEdge T140 in place of 4 x 3.5 HDDs... Need Y PCIe 6pin adapter

    This is related to the Dell PoweEdge t140 If my Math is correct, 8 x consumer SSDs should pull less power than 4 x 3.5HDDs. With the current cabling in the T140, only one SFF port on my H730P is used. I was able to buy a 2nd SAS/SATA x 4 cable that I will connect to the 2nd port of my H730P...
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    Better heatsink for the Dell PowerEdge T140?

    Hi all, I have a Dell T140 and this thing has been running like a champ with my 8C/16T E-2278G. The 95W heatsink for the T140 seems unobtainable outside of Asia.. does anyone know of a heatsink which would fit (and on which I could retrofit the current cpu fan)? The socket is 1151 but in typical...
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    Rare: 2400W new HotSwap Dell PSU with two NEMA 5-15P to CPC19 cables. R940, R740, R640, T640

    I bought this 2400W PSU for my T630 think it would accept it even if I stayed low on the voltage. Result: It works in my T640 but not in my T630 (it doesn't even powerup). On 110V, the 2400W PSU is the only PSU which provides -more- wattage than the 1100W PSU...
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    FS: Dell PowerEdge hotswap PSU 750W (12th, 13th and 14th gen)

    Selling brand new 750W PSU from Dell. I received that PSU with my T640, I have no use for a 750W PSU. 25USD + 20USD shipping.
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    Reduced price : 4 x 16GB ECC UDIMM DDR4@2666MHz for Dell/HPE/SuperMicro (Hynix/SuperMicro)

    For sale (these sticks were in my Dell PowerEdge T140): 4 x HMA82GU7CJR8N-VK / SuperMicro Server Memory Model MEM-DR416L-HL01-EU26 2666MHZ DDR4 ECC UDIMM 2xR8 Bought new from NewEgg in late 2019. Asking Price:70USD/ea Shipping: 35USD (includes tracking and insurance).
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    128Gb RAM in PowerEdge T140 possible?

    The Dell T140 takes 4 DIMMs (ECC UDIMMs or regular DIMMs). When the T140 was introduced, only 16G ECC UDIMM were available. I'm considering the purchase of a T140 to replace a same-gen Precision T3431 that's already maxed out at 64G, I'd like to confirm if the T140 could go to 128G RAM with...
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    Dell PowerEdge T640 as a Workstation : Powerful and Silent.

    For anyone considering a Dell T640 (14th gen) as a workstation, I'd like to report good success (with some gotchas) with the T640. Here's the current config: - Operating system: RHEL 7.9 (but will move to RHEL 8.4 later) - Dell PowerEdge T640 chassis. 18 x 3.5 HDD Hotswap bays. - 2 x Xeon...
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    [FS] Samsung 970 Evo 2Tb (3 pieces), light use, perfect condition with EKWB heatsink

    Hi everyone, Due to some of my Towers (T430, T630) not having PCIe bifurcation, my plan to use dual M.2 PCIe cards went bust and I had to look for alternatives. I've now successfully converted over to HGST PCIe SSDs and I'm selling the original SSDs because I no longer need them. Here's what is...
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    Intel Scalable and the cpu-heatsink processor clip. How critical is it to use them?

    I'm mostly familiar with E5-* Xeons and while trying to upgrade a Dell Tower T640 from 1cpu to 2cpus, I had the unpleasant surprise of discovering the existing of the processor clip for Xeon scalable. My problem lies with the fact that I only have one processor clip (the black clip surrounding...
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    Lot of 2 * HP 817753-B21 Ethernet10/25GB 2-PORT 640SFP28 Adapter

    (previously posted by mistake in the other forum) Hi everyone, Selling pair of HP 817753-B21 Ethernet10/25GB 2-PORT 640SFP28 Adapter (I have no use for them). They are identical to the Mellanox Dual-port CX-4 Lx SFP+ so they work with FreeNAS. Asking 195USD per HBA + 30USD shipping (for the...
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    Lot of 2 * HP 817753-B21 Ethernet10/25GB 2-PORT 640SFP28 Adapter

    Hi everyone, Selling pair of HP 817753-B21 Ethernet10/25GB 2-PORT 640SFP28 Adapter (I have no use for them). They are identical to the Mellanox Dual-port CX-4 Lx SFP+ so they work with FreeNAS. 195USD per HBA + 30USD shipping (for the pair) Will ship FedEx Ground in the americas. Regards, Vincent
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    FS: Dell PowerEdge T130 (Maxed out) - Shipping to US and America

    Hi All, Following an upgrade, I'm selling my trusted Dell PowerEdge T130: - 1 * Intel E3-1230 V5, 3.4GHz, 8MB, 4C/8T - 4 * Hynix HMA82GU7MFR8N-TF (18gb 2Rx8 PC4-2133P-EED-11) : 64Gb total - Brand new PERC H330 (Came with my T440) - Brand new 2*1Tb Dell HDDs (same) - NVidia GeForce GT 730 2GB...
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    Dell PowerEdge T440 : first thoughts , some oddities and good results

    Hi all, Just wanted to share my thoughts on the Above equipment. I got a new 'minimal' T440 to replace my maxed-out T130. The config that I got was: - 1* Xeon Silver 4110 (8C/16T)@ 2.1Ghz - 8Gb DDR4-2666V - PERCH330 (Will be relocated to the T130 for selling) Once I got the machine, I tested it...
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    Replace fans in PowerEdge Tower Servers.. Pin Adapters?

    Hi all, I am in the process a re-populating my home lab with those two machines: - Dell Poweredge T430 - Dell Poweredge T130 for both servers, I am planning to do the following: 1) find a Noctua PWM fan that fits the both the airflow and rpm range of the original Delta fan Those fans are...
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    Canada SOLD: Xeon V3 (4C/8T), 16Gb ECC DDR3 silent mini-server.

    Hi everyone, I have the following one-of-its-kind server for sale. - Xeon E3-1275L V3 (4C/8T @ 2.7GHz with Turbo) - 16Gb ECC RAM (UDIMM). - ASRock Rack Mobo with Dual-gigabit and dedicated OOB Ethernet with IPMI. - Remote console + Sensors. - All-quiet energy-efficient design (no fans) and...
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    Flash Dell H730P to LSI firmware?

    I jut got a nice H730P (2gb ram) off e-bay. I got that card instead of a genuine LSI for the following reasons: - Comes with an integrated BBU (don't know what type, though). - Comes with a much better/badder/larger heatsink (temp averages 65C in my TE410 instead of 90C with the previous LSI). -...
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    Dell PowerEdge T130 as workstation.. Noise?

    Hi All, I'm planning to get a Dell Poweredge T130 to replace my previous DIY fanless Home Server (More on that one here: Coyote's Blog: The little server that could). The reasoning behind this was: - I need more than 32GB ECC RAM with decent Xeon cores (Yes, I run OpenStack nodes) - I need to...