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    Is it possible to upgrade Ruckus Unleashed without an outage?

    I have 2 units in my house - one on the ground floor, and one in the finished basement. Whenever I've done an update before, there is an outage of several minutes, even though only one AP is offline/rebooting. I vaguely recall seeing a message about updating the configuration or whatever (e.g...
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    Hyper-V vs Vsphere - my initial take

    So I have my first hyper-v cluster spun up. Only one node so far - the parts for the 2nd one are trickling in. Most of the issues I had were the typical microsoft "we have it so the defaults are 95% right!" experience. Observations to date: #1 If you want local storage on a hypervisor...
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    (SOLVED) Migrating linux guests from vsphere to hyper-v?

    This has been an adventure, to say the least. I have 2 win10 and 2 server 2019 guests. I migrated one of the win10 (non-critical) with ease. Used the starwind v2v converter (microsoft virtual machine converter is not an option, since it can't talk to esxi 6.7 - sigh). I also tried 4 of the...
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    Windows Server 2019/Hyper-V licensing?

    So I've been trying to figure out what I need to do. I've spent several months playing with 2 WS-2019 VMs under esxi 6.7. No licensing yet. I intend to, since I'm happy with the results. I *am* thinking of migrating to Hyper-V, but am not sure what I am supposed to do. From what I read, if...
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    Bizarre problem with intel pro/1000 dual port NIC?

    So I got two of these new off ebay for fairly cheap. Intent was to use both ports to connect one to each LAG port on my 2 new stacked 7250-24 switches. Clients are two vsphere servers. First one came off without a hitch. Second one would not work at all. Both ports showed in fastiron prompt...
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    FS: 4x G.Skill Flare X Series 288-Pin DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200)

    I bought these without verifying they were on the MSI motherboard QVL. Here is the link on amazon: I purchased 2 of these (so 4 8GB sticks total.) Asking $100 for all 4. Free shipping in US48. Payment...
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    Options for Illumos based storage server with RDMA?

    I currently have an NFS server running ZoL 0.7.11. Works okay, but I'd prefer some Illumos based distro. My ESXi host is connected to the storage server using a point to point QSFP cable and 2 Mellanox Connectx-3 EN cards. Works okay, but I'd like to dabble with RDMA. The most visible...
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    FS Crucial DDR2 unbuffered 2GB sticks (4)

    Crucial part number CT25664AA667. $40 incl free S&H US 48.
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    Does vsphere support any kind of hardware watchdog?

    Running a 6.5 host, Build 6765664. Running fine since update to this build on 12/10. This morning around 10AM, it became unresponsive. I was out of town. so I was unable to check anything until just now. The IPMI console showed everything apparently okay, except for the host being unresponsive...
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    Fan RPM threshold in vsphere 6.5?

    So I have a new vsphere server. It's in a full-ATX case, with 4 case fans (front, back, top and door). All but the front fan are large (140mm) and run relatively slowly (700 RPM - this is by design - the supermicro IPMI thinks this is fine - these all show up as green status). Unfortunately, 700...
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    FS LSI-6161 16-port SAS switch

    Almost new (was new when purchased, for a canceled project.) Guaranteed non-DOA. Asking $400 or BO (free shipping to lower US only.) Paypal please.
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    NFS 4.1 with asymmetric links?

    I want to convert an iSCSI vsphere setup to use NFS instead (makes pacemaker cluster simpler, since all the failover code needs to do is manipulate the virtual IP and import/export the ZFS pool the NFS share lives on.) I am currently using a 10gbe link from the two vsphere hosts to the iSCSI...
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    Brocade BR-VDX6720-24-R

    Just scored one of these on ebay for $595. I had two vsphere hosts and a storage server in a triangular mesh using x520-da2 nics. A backup storage appliance is virtualized. I want to move the virtual backup appliance to a 4th host, but that is problematic. I can still do a crossover mesh...
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    Bridging question for solaris/omnios?

    So I have two vsphere hosts connected to a new storage server. At the moment, that is OmniOS. Each server has a 2-port X520-DA2 card. I have no switch yet, so each vsphere will connect to a separate port on the storage server. I had been playing with linux, where I could use brctl to create...
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    10gbe for OmniOS?

    I have a dell r905 off ebay. Works great, with a couple of mellanox connectx-3en cards between it and the 2 esxi hosts. I'm thinking of switching to OmniOS, but am having trouble coming up with known, supported 10gbe cards. I have a couple of old connectx-2 cards, and I know they work...
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    FS: used ARC-1883-LP

    This is a fairly new (lightly used) unit from a project which was canceled. It has an internal and an external port. I will throw in a cable for each - internal fans out to 4 sata/sas connectors, external has an sff-8088 (mini-sas) connector at the other end. Standard height bracket (I...
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    Adding external SAS disks to poweredge R905?

    So I scored a R905 for $335 on flea-bay. 128GB RAM, 4 4-core 2.7GHZ opterons. Nice deal. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to accept an SAS HBA or RAID in any of the 7 PCI-E slots (2 X8 5 X4). One is a LSI 9207 and the other a arc-1883. No matter which slots I try either in, they get to...
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    infiniband ethernet on vsphere and etc...

    I had been hacking around on a vsphere 5.5 host connected to an ESOS (storage distro running off usb flash drive). Did lots of fiddling around with SRP, trying to figure out how to get iSER working (no joy at this point). The storage server (supermicro x9scl-f) didn't seem to like the used...
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    Question about vmfs in active/active?

    I've got two hosts with local disks replicated synchronously using drbd (hypervisor is proxmox). It's working fine. I want to try this with vsphere5. I would be running the drbd storage appliances (ubuntu/zfs) and exporting the storage to vsphere via iSCSI. The idea is that each host would have...