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    Patricks Building a TrueNAS Core 8-bay mATX ZFS NAS

    Hi all, I am looking at building a NAS based off either TrueNAS Core or CentOS with OpenZFS using the Silverstone CS381. I currently have acces to both the ASRock Rack D1541D4U-2O8R and the Supermicro A2SDi-16C-HLN4F. The NAS will primarily be a NAS for photo's and backup so planning a pool of...
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    [WTB] Asrock Rack ROMED6U-2L2T, CPU and Memory

    Hi all, Looking to buy an Asrock Rack ROMED6U-2L2T with a lower end CPU (something equivalent to a Xeon Silver 4116) with or without memory. Thanks, Adam
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    Help Buying From Supermicro Store

    Hi All, Just reaching out to see if anyone is willing to help me purchase 3 Supermicro MCP-260-00084-0N backplates from the Supermicro store and have them sent to my forwarding addresss in the US. Unfortunately I dont have a USA credit card so the checkout process fails. Total is $18.54, I...
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    WTB: Supermicro Xeon D Mini ITX

    Hi all, I am looking for a lower end Supermicro Xeon D based motherboard for a dedicated file serving only FreeNAS server. Also interested in memory and potentially a SYS-5029A-2TN4 Mini Tower chassis. I have previously used a Xeon D 1541 but it was definitely overkill for the task. If anyone...
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    AU FS: QNap TVS-1282T3 (New) (ZFS Compatible)

    I am selling a unused i5 16GB QNap TVS-1282T3 NAS. I purchased this device for a client who subsequently did not want it so its been sitting unused. Being one of the higher end units this unit will be compatible with the upcoming QTS Hero which looks like a really good option. Asking $3100 Photos
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    Superchassis Cse-505-203B Cooling

    Hi STH, I currently own a couple of Xeon D 1541 motherboard with the active cooler in the SUPERMICRO CSE-721TQ-250B Black Mini-Tower Server Case. I currently have these in a cupboard with limited airflow and they're running pretty cool (45C). To save some space I am looking at the Superchassis...
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    AU FS: X10SDV Motherboards and More

    Delete - will revise listing and upload photo's shortly
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    FS: Supermicro X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F-O

    Hi All, I bought a Supermicro X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F-O motherboard as an open box but otherwise brand new. I no longer require it. Just seeing if anyone is in the US is interested before I post it to Aus. $400 ono PayPal preffered Thanks,
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    AU and US: Supermicro X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F-O - $425

    Hi All, I bought a Supermicro X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F-O motherboard as an open box but otherwise brand new for $US. I no longer require it. Just seeing if anyone is in the US is interested before I post it across otherwise I will have it sent to AU and sell it here. Would also be willing to trade for...
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    Cheap Cables (Supermicro eStore)

    Hey Guys, This is in part a selfish post. I have recently discovered that Supermicro has an online store and they're cables in particular are insanely cheap. One example of many is the Supermicro 55cm OCuLink to U.2 PCIE SFF-8639 which is anywhere from $29 (all of out stock) to $40ish for...
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    HighPoint SSD7120 NVMe RAID Controller

    Hi All, I am looking at readjusting my storage server to try something new – FreeNAS. I currently have 2 nodes with 2 X 8TB HDD’s and 2 X Intel P3605 drives each using Supermicro X10SDV motherboards. I am considering combing these into a single server and was considering 4 X 8TB drives in...
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    WTB: Xeon D for PFSense & Potential to Trade 16GB DDR4 ECC

    Just reaching out to see if anyone is selling a X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F. I am looking for something to run pfsense, security onion and splunk for a home router. Also looking to move 8 sticks of 16GB DDR4 which I was using in a pair of Xeon D 1541 boards if that entices anyone to trade. Thanks
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    Mining Advice

    Hi Guys, I have access to a desktop with 3 GTX 1080's a 6950X. This desktop has a 4 year warranty and wont be needed until next year and I figured I may give mining a go. What would be the best way to utilise the hardware, e.g. mining with the CPU and GPU's at the same time and it would it...
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    FS: AU: Intel SSD P3605 1.6TB

    Hi All, I picked up a three Intel Intel P3605 1.6TB SSD's. I have decided to cut back on the excess and use either one of these or perhaps two in a mirror. Of the three disks two have had no data written with the third having some data written so I could enjoy the write speeds. I have...
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    Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2E4

    Hi All, Interested in some feedback and potentially offering a great deal. I am located in Aus and have been searching online for a Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2E4. There seems to be a lot of variance in price on line with the card falling way under the RRP of $249. E.g. $97.99: Supermicro Add-on...
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    WTB: Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2E4, Cables and M.2 to U.2 Adapter

    Hi All, I am looking to fit out my Xeon D X10SDV-8C with three NVME drives. I am looking to buy the following bits: 1 Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2E4 Card 3 SFF-8643 to SFF-8639 Cables 1 M.2 to to U.2 adapter either 2242 or 2280 form factor such as the Asus M2-NVME1 Thanks, Adam
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    X10SDV-8C, Supermicro AOC SLG3-2E4 & M.2 to U.2 for 3 NVME Array

    Hi Guys, I have a Supermicro X10SDV-8C motherboard and am looking for some fast storage. I am considering the Supermicro AOC SLG3-2E4 controller in addition to a M.2 to U.2 card to enable a total of 3 NVME drives. Just seeing whether: Anyone has identified cheap cables Any issues with what I...
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    FS: Intel SSD P3605 1.6TB - AU

    Seeing if anyone in Australia is interested in an Intel P3605 1.6TB SSD. I picked up one too many and have a spare. Asking $750
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    X10SDV RAID Card Advice

    Hi Guys, I dont know a lot about RAID cards so I am after some advice and recommendations. I have recently build a new server to use as my lab comprising of the Supermicro x10sdv-8c, two 8TB HDD's and I plan on buying a couple of SSD's for my VM's. I would like to be able to have: a mirror...
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    AU: FS: Netgear XS712T and Samsung Pro 2TB SSD's

    Hi Guys, Looking to offload the following items that are not required for my lab. All items have been opened but otherwise unused. On offer is a brand new Netgear XS712T switch. I bought this switch to utilise the 10GB networking in my home lab but since decided to go a different path. The...