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    Brocade / Ruckus vs Cisco VLAN behaviour

    New switch, new weird issue. Trying to migrate from a Cisco SG350X to a Ruckus 7450-24 Devices on VLAN1 (Cisco default/No VLAN) are working fine on the Cisco on VLAN 1 on an access port. I can ping the device from the Ruckus switch while its on thee cisco, so VLAN 1 passes fine to the Ruckus'...
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    EU WTB Ruckus RPS16-I/ICX-FAN10-I

    Just in case anyone is looking to sell without asking an arm and a leg... :)
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    vSAN Identify "Other Objects"

    Hi, does anyone know how to identify what objects are "other Objects" ? O/c I checked the official answers (unassociated VMs or templates and such, but thats definetly not it (in that amount)). Slightly worried this will crash my vSAN soon ... Thanks
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    EU WTB Ruckus ICX7450 rack rails

    Hi, need a pair of rails for a 90cm deep rack so its not using 1.5U's with its fat ... rear end. I have a pair, but they only cover 80cm or so (rail length 44.5):/ Thanks
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    If anyone is interested I have some 6TB 3.5" SAS drives I can spare, HP branded. Not sure if these have been smart reset or are new old stock, but they look fairly pristine. Have updated them to the latest FW HPD7 Given current price inflation I would be looking for €130ea. I will be...
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    EU Expired 1TB Optane DCPMM (4x256GB) €1000 (time limited offer)

    I bought 4 DCPMM modules for my Intel board the other day... Turns out that stupid <"§$$%&$%> does not support them even with second Gen CPUs. So tested them in an ASUS Board - 2 of the modules work fine [config in bios, ESXi 6.7 automagically can use them], but all 4 at once don't. Asus...
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    Beginners question Raid Card & SM EL2 backplane

    Have not been using raid cards in at least a decade (thanks to zfs) so I have no clue re these. I have a SAS3-EL2 backplane, some nice SAS SSDs that can do dual port and Lenovo 930-8i's. For ZFS i simply used 2 HBAs and got multipathing enabled without issues, but can I do the same with the...
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    Intel RMM modules die ... of old age?

    I got two Intel boxes, one 2011-3, one S1200. The S1200 has been running 24/7, the 2011-3 box rather rarely. Both have a RMM management module installed which seems to have died of old age, i.e. they are still visible/configurable in the Bios, but they dont reply on network any more. Using the...
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    EXPIRED Xeon Gold 6134M $420

    Not sure how prices are in the US for first Gen Scalable but sounds cheap for a retail Gold Back at 520 now, so kinda expired
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    EU Consolidated FS thread (RTX5000 - NVDimm-N, Xeon's, SAS SSDs and more)

    Disclaimer: As @BlueFox correctly noted I shouldn't have too many different FS/WTB threads so this one is a consolidation thread. I will link to all the original ones as well since some of them contain discussions are more detailed information than provided here. For Sale or Trade GPU Got a...
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    NVDimm support on AMD Epyc

    Visually inspected Boards/Bios: SM H11SSL - no sign of NVDimm settings tyan TS75-B8252 - some settings, quite sparse tyan s8030 - some settings, quite sparse asrock rack romed6 - no sign of NVDimm settings...
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    Official GeForce Passthrough coming?

    Just saw this on Reddit... pointing to Talking about Linux but maybe its good for ESXi too... Dont have any Geforce card to try...
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    NVLink compatibility

    Does anyone know if the Quadro RTX NVLinks are interexchangeable (at least downwards)? I.e. can I use one for a 8000 or 6000 on a 5000? Or do i actually need to get the specific version for my cards? I recon I cant use a consumer version on the Quadros let alone older models...
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    UK Optane P4800x GBP 250 might have gotten that myself but with import tax (private seller)...
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    sx6036 down to $150 now Note these will likely come without ETH license
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    If you have a FreeNa/IX jira account and 10 mins time...;)

    ... maybe give this suggestion by @nasbdh9 a thumbs up. I know there are few NVDimm users out there, so its a good deed for a minority;) p.s. 10 mins only since jira is so slow, else it would o/c be only 30s
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    EU deprecated - Xeon E3 v5/v6

    Please see for a consolidated thread This one is kept for reference and discussions...
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    Supermicro NVME carriers

    Is it necessary to buy the special nvme carriers or will the regular ones (/converters) for ssds do? I have plenty of them (Supermicro (Gen 4) 3.5" to 2.5" Converter Drive Tray (MCP-220-00043-0N), Gen4) so if I can avoid it... 3.5->2.5" Supermicro Black (Gen 5) NVMe 3.5" to 2.5" Drive Tray...
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    EU Supermicro Mainboard X11SRM-VF

    Looking for above board or a 2066 Xeon capable alternative for cheaper than new ;) Picked up a cpu and want to see what the power usage is compared to my E3/E5 systems
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    EU Might WTB: New TNC CPU - 5222, 6244, 6250(L), 6256, 8256 or QS

    I am currently running a 5122 so it's not that I really *need* a new CPU, but if somebody has a good offer or is looking for a trade (see my many FS threads) then I could use one the the above or the respective QS (not ES) for my TNC filer ;) Thanks for looking.