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    New Post scroll position lost

    When I look at the new post list, I click a post, then go back to the list. The list will scroll back to the top instead of stay at the position of last post. Is there anyway to remember the scroll position of the last post I just viewed?
  2. J

    Netgear limited lifetime warranty on 8 year old switch

    Bought a switch about 8 year ago It was broken few days ago. Looking online, netgear provides "limited lifetime warranty" on this model. I was very suspicious about that claim. Who will offer warranty for a 8 years old electronics. That is like millions year ago for electronics. But to my...
  3. J

    Just got 1Gbps fiber optic internet

    Finally I feels like I am in 21st century. My old internet Now I needs find ways to use the bandwidth :D
  4. J

    AMD or Intel

    @Patrick your brisket looks amazing! Actual image of how the brisket is cooked. Now can you tell us which CPU you used to cook? Intel or AMD? :D:D:D:D
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    SuperMicro AOC-STGN-i2S Rev 2.0 Low profile $35 shipped

    The seller listed here for $39, but my $35 offer was accepted. I think this is a little bit better than last popular deal. Good luck!
  6. J

    My Server Build

    I have been a long STH forum user. I love to play with computer,server and network equipment. It is an expensive hobby especially if you visit STH forum regularly. But compare to other hobby, this is not too bad. In recent months, I have bought many equipments, I finally got chance to put them...
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    How to create datastore with ESXi 7.0 and SAS2008

    I have a SuperMicro CSE-846 with Dual Xeon E5 and LSI SAS2008 on SuperMicro X9 mother board. Installed ESXi 7.0 on a flash drive and boot from that drive. Everything looks fine until I want to create the data store. I am able to see the SAS2008 card in PCI devices, but when I But when I try...
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    IPMI Viewer KVM Console Color issue

    I am using IPMI Viewer 20 to connect to SuperMicro X9DRi-F motherboard. Everything works great except the color of the kvm console is distorted. Everything seems tainted with green. As you can see from the attached screenshot. How can I address this issue? Thanks
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    What is this SAS controller

    I just installed Window 2019 on SuperMicro X9Dri-f motherboard with 2x xeon 2520 cpu and 128gb memory. Everything look fine except this SAS Controller It seems like Intel C602 chipset driver is needed. But I can't find any driver for windows server 2019 Where can I find the driver for this...
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    What server is STH running on

    I noticed that STH forum and site are noticeably faster than typical web sites. I know this site is all about high end computer server/switches so it must be on some extremely powerful servers. Just curious what exact platform it is on right now? Maybe the whole thing is in memory?