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    I guess...this is a "great deal". Only $5M. Any takers? :)

    How lazy. They don't even bother to list what they actually have, they just copy and pasted a dell invoice from the order and slapped it on eBay. Something tells me this won't sell.
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    FYI Best Buy Business Accounts NO Discounts

    Not a deal. This junk is clogging up my RSS.
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    MikroTik CSS326-24G-2S+RM Mini Review Cheap 24x 1GbE 2x 10GbE

    Use it to connect a 10gb workstation that's far away and also add 24 1gb ports over a single fiber line, so you don't have to run a fiber cable AND a cat5 cable. That's what I'm using it for. I got this switch the week it came out and discovered later that IPv6 wouldn't work correctly over it...
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    FreeNAS Corral Canned – Development Essentially Halted for Now

    Please learn to read between the marketing BS. Corral being "re-based" means they're just rewriting everything all over again. Notice they don't commit to any of the features Corral has (had) but say they'll look into it.
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    FreeNAS Corral Canned – Development Essentially Halted for Now

    I've seen this happen many times before. I give it 6 months before all the devs have quit and the project is dead. Anytime there's a failure of leadership this badly, it generally means the inside is rotten to the core.
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    Sophos Home is outright DANGEROUS

    This is correct. I use PFSense for my firewall, but I've heard good things about the UTM. This is about the antivirus software. Sophos Home
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    Sophos Home is outright DANGEROUS

    How can I recover false positive Threads? - Sophos Home General - Sophos Home - Sophos Community See the answer from their support person.
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    Sophos Home is outright DANGEROUS

    Not sure about snapshots, but as soon as I accessed my file level backups, it killed the files from them. Luckily there's an offline backup I have, but I'm not plugging it in until I remove Sophos.
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    Sophos Home is outright DANGEROUS

    So I was attracted to Sophos Home. It offered free AV that got rave reviews as far as detection as well as central web management. What's not to love? If this program finds a false positive (like when I was going through my backups) it simply DELETES THE FILE with NO WAY TO RECOVER. There's no...
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    New SMB 10gbps Switches from Cisco

    Except the UBNT was 300 bucks and the Cisco is 2 THOUSAND DOLLARS. I can live with having to buy some cheap SFP+ transceivers and some fiber for that difference. :)
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    Zoneminder for IP Camera Control?

    Yeah, ZoneMinder is years behind. I have BlueIris and it's been solid and stable.
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    12 sfp+ + 4 10gbe rj45 - Ubiquiti Edgeswitch 16xg

    Bought the "controller managed" version, using it to join all my fiber runs together. Haven't had any issues with SFP+ compatibility, but I'm not using any DACs. Support has no idea how it works or what to do with it, so be prepared to figure it out yourself. On the plus side, there's very...
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    Used HP - Intel DC S3610 800GB Internal 2.5" (SSDSC2BX800G4P) SSD $225 OBO

    Seller let my offer (which was not a lowball offer) expire rather than reject or counter offer. With the no returns, maybe not the best seller.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    I bought this several months ago. It is sitting in my living room running VMs. If its a scam, it's a VERY clever one.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 Deal and Price Tracking

    I ran into this exact problem. Forgive me, it was a while ago, but I solved it by following the directions for flashing the FRU clean. I believe you can use the same tool you already have. Once the FRU is overwritten, I was able to update it just fine. I also ran into the issue with very slow...
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    10Gb SFP+ single port = cheaper than dirt

    Id imagine most people are connecting two together. Some of us are buying semi-expensive switches, 300 or so for Mikrotik, or 500 or so for the d-link/tp-link Some others are buying cheap but high-cap ex-datacenter gear and just accepting the power and noise required.
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    PFSense as VM

    Yes. you'll have to see if they can be passed through at a port level, but I know you could create separate virtual switches, as I do this at home. I don't think it matters which ones you use.
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    PFSense as VM

    Add a separate dual port+ nic for PFSENSE. Pass it through or just create virtual switches with only the PFsense VM assigned. Then you just run two cables (one from the cable modem, one to the switch) and that's it. Your existing VM host LAN connection will remain plugged into the switch as it...