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    Cross-flashing Dell RAID firmwares to alternate devices with only a .rom file.

    There are countless guides out there for cross flashing traditional Dell PERC cards to the more vanilla firmwares for many of the older and newer SAS2 and 3 chipsets. However, I'm looking to try and cross flash the firmware of a specialized adapter, specifically the Dell Shared PERC 8-External...
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    R730XD fan noise and SSDs, not a "how to fix thread", looking more for experiences.

    I have an opportunity to get a few of these but did a little bit of research and learned a later iDRAC release(s) made it so that unvalidated SSDs can cause an increase in fan speeds. I'm aware there are IPMI commands to alter it, but I don't want to mess with that. It just ends up being another...
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    Looking for Dell M830 blades

    None on ebay for a reasonable (for home use) price, was hoping someone on here might have a couple they're looking to part with. Barebones preferred but willing to take config'd machines for a reasonable price. 1.8" or 2.5" version okay. US50
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    Dell R630 10-bay (SATA/SAS/NVME) /w 2022 warranty read description $300, x2 1.2TB ioScale PCIe SSD, x2 Intel P3700 400GB U.2 NVMe SSD

    Timestamps: hlsales For sale: Dell R630 10-bay server Bought this for myself with plans to get more for a cluster, never got around to that Selling 'as-is' because I have not personally tested it, never bought hardware for it, the internals all appear to be un-damaged however the front-right...
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    HP UPS T1500 G4 - how to get fans to turn off?

    These were running silently for a while and then I unplugged all my stuff and did some re-arranging and now the fans on 2 of my units are running. I forgot if there's something I can do to get them to turn down or do I just have to wait forever basically? Fans cut off maybe when the battery...
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    SuperMicro X9SRL-F, P3700 SSDs, Seagate 8TB Archive Drives, Intel V2/V3/X99 CPUs

    timestamps: labsale10132020 For sale: Quantity Item Pricing 9 sold Samsung 16GB 2Rx4 PC3L - 12800R ECC (1600mhz) :: M393B2G70DB0, M393B2G70QH0 $20/ea (min order 4) 16 sold Micron 32GB 2Rx4 PC4 - 19200R ECC (2400mhz) :: MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G3B1MK $75/ea (min order 4) 6 4 Intel P3700 400GB...
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    FS: x12 8TB WD80EMAZ HDD, x6 Dell SM865 1.6TB SSD, Lot of 10 SFP+ Cables (sfp-h10gb-cu3m)

    timestamps: imgur smart info for HDDs: 8tb-smart smart info for SSDs: 1.6tb-smart For sale: Western Digital 8TB WD80EMAZ 3.5" HDD, Qty 12 Avail - $120/ea shipped (minimum order of 4) Dell-branded Samsung 1.6TB SM865 / MZ7KM1T6HAJM00D3 2.5" SSD, Qty 6 Avail - $150/ea shipped (minimum order of...
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    x2 Juniper SRX300 - $200 for both

    timestamps: For sale: x2 Juniper SRX300 :: $200/ea shipped (only have 1 AC adapter, might be able to find another) x2 Dell X4012 10GbE L2/L3 Managed Switch :: $250/ea shipped sold x3 Dell X1026 1GbE /w 2 SFP Uplink L2/L3 Managed Switch :: $40/ea shipped sold x1 Brocade/Ruckus ICX7250-24...
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    Local SE Texas (Houston) - Dell PowerEdge VRTX 25xSFF Tower /w Casters, 4 Dell M630 Blades, fully loaded

    Hi, yes it's me, selling one of these again. At this point I need therapy lol. Bottom line: I don't have the time for this stuff, it doesn't interest me that much and with stuff going on in my family my lab has gone neglected for too long and I have other plans in mind if I'm forced into another...
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    SRX300 Firmware

    Can anyone share the latest SRX300 firmware files?
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    Ruckus Unleashed and ZD1100 Zone Director

    Can APs with unleashed firmware still be managed and logged with ZD1100 or do they need to be flashed back to original firmware and is the process as simple as it was to flash non-unleashed FW to unleashed?
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    FS: 4x Supermicro X10SRH-CF LGA-2011v3 ATX Motherboards

    Hello, I have 4 of these I'd like to move as an entire lot, I'm asking $600 shipped. I do not have any I/O shields but will include 1U passive narrow ILM heatsinks (supermicro brand). Really don't want to part to reduce shipping overhead (time+costs). These were going to be for a project but I...
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    Dell X-series networking

    I know a common complaint about these switches is the dog slow web GUI. Is this still an issue in updated firmwares?
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    Looking for x2 uSATA (1.8") Intel S3700 400GB

    Looking for 2 of these to complete a Dell M630 vSAN cluster using 4x1.8" drive config, not looking to spend more than $50/ea on them. Let me know if you've got. I wiped out 2 sellers on ebay otherwise I'd have them all. Just FYI this is what I'm looking for: Thanks.
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    FS: x12 Intel P3700 400GB NVMe U.2 SSDs /w Warranty, x9 Samsung PM951 256GB NVMe M.2 SSDs, x21 64GB Dell/Innodisk SATADOM 0FXGNM

    Greetings! For sale, all prices shipped: QTY 12 8 - Intel P3700 400GB NVMe U.2 SSDs | $125/ea, minimum 'order' of 2, $1400 for all received these as brand new, all have warranty verified through Intel website and 0 GB written when originally received earliest warranty expiration is July 12...
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    Anyone here have a 4x1.8" Dell M630 blade?

    Trying to find the Dell P/N for the drive cage. I have not seen it -anywhere- on the web. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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    FS: x9 HGST HUSMM8020ASS200 200GB SAS SSD, x5 X10SRH-CF, x1 X9SRL-F

    For sale: x9 HGST HUSMM8020ASS200 SAS SSD (12 Gbps, I believe somewhere in the range of 1100/700 R/W) $45/ea shipped, min qty order of 4 or more x5 SuperMicro X10SRH-CF ATX Motherboard no I/O shield included, will ship with a 1U passive heatsink to protect socket $150/ea shipped x1...
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    Any advice on cooling drives in mobile racks?

    I've got one of those AthenaPower 1x5.25 to 8x2.5 drive racks installed into a Silverstone GD09, I've installed a 40mm noctua fan on it but not really having great temperatures, or, at least what I consider to be great. 8 S3700 400GBs all idle around 31-33c, and during use they climb up to...
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    Power consumption of on-board, but disabled, SAS controllers.

    On Supermicro X8/X9/X10 boards that have onboard 2000 and 3000 series LSI chipsets, if you set the jumper to disabled, does that actually turn the chip off electrically? Meaning zero power consumption is contributed by it?
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    FS: 3 Avail, Supermicro 1U shortdepth 2011-3 barebones, CSE-514-505 X10SRW-F

    Pics: 514 combo - Google Drive For sale: Supermicro CSE-514-505 Build (link to chassis specs), Specs below: x1 Dynatron 1U LGA2011 T318 Copper vapor-chamber heatsink x1 Supermicro X10SRW-F, updated to latest BIOS/BMC x1 PWS-505P-1H Platinum-rated PSU /w PMBus Included as part of the build...