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  1. BeTeP

    cheap / used server board with most PCIE lanes

    Depending on the complete set of requirements (like host system CPU performance level, etc) I could build a whole system capable of housing 12 full size GPUs for under $500 total. That's including everything like decent server chassis with 3000W+ PSUs. The secret is understanding where the...
  2. BeTeP

    1U 12 x 3.5" server barebone with 10GbE - $95 shipped

    Inventec is a well-known Taiwanese ODM. I owned dozens of their boards (including many variants of this B420GA0) and I never had any problems with the hardware. But similar to other OEM products - do not expect any software support like BIOS and BMC updates.
  3. BeTeP

    Seeking advice on older hardware

    I did not think I would say this in 2021 but IvyBridgeEP is still my go to platform for storage systems. My requirements are 10+ drives, low cost (under $20) per drive bay and being able to max out 10Gbps link. I still build handful of such systems a month. My costs are under $250 per complete...
  4. BeTeP

    Looking for a SFP+ network card (Win2019)

    ConnectX-3 Pro $50-70 used
  5. BeTeP

    [WTB]Low Profile Bracket Intel PRO/1000 Quad port

    OP is looking for P/N D61626-003. Which is slightly different (older model) from the P/N E55508-001 that Danic linked. It looks like this
  6. BeTeP

    Looking for hot-swap sas expander

    My understanding is that you are going to try building the cage yourself (vs cutting the cage out of SM chassis). Depending on your background (other DIY solutions you tried before) this may feel like improvement. The truth is that using commercial backplane with a DIY cage is still inferior to...
  7. BeTeP

    RES3TV360 mounting

    Use whatever works for you. I just shared my own preferred solution.
  8. BeTeP

    RES3TV360 mounting

    What's wrong with adhesive nylon spacers?
  9. BeTeP

    Cockpit ZFS Manager

    They did fork the ZFS manager a few months ago
  10. BeTeP

    Powervault MD3220i

    Either buy (DPN MN657) or make( a serial cable and start from there.
  11. BeTeP

    EU EMC VNX KTN-STL3 / 2x Controller 2x PSU 15x 3.5"

    It does not. You could have just asked in
  12. BeTeP

    driver for solarflare sf107220

    You need to properly identify the card first. The "SF-107220" printed on the bracket is a part number for the bracket itself. The bracket is compatible with SFN5xxx and SFN6xxx cards.
  13. BeTeP

    LSI 9211-8i in Dell R710 storage slot

    I do not think Dell cares about firmware at all. You just need to edit the SBR to have Dell's Subsystem Vendor ID.
  14. BeTeP

    Dell P31H2: $99

    I did not buy from this seller. I paid $75 for GY1TD (same card with a low profile bracket) back in 2019. I shared my experience already: I bought 3 SFF-8643 to SFF-8639 cables from different vendors and none of them worked with the card. The same cables worked with a cheap M.2 to SFF-8643...
  15. BeTeP

    HP SAS Expander Wiki

    Neither HP servers nor HP HBA required. Just use sg_write_buffer to flash.
  16. BeTeP

    storage gold rush?

    Even such an old tech like Oracle F40/80 is up 400% in last 4 weeks
  17. BeTeP

    does X6557-R6 NETAPP 0.5M compatible as 40gb ethernet ?
  18. BeTeP

    Dumb Question Needs A Smart Answer

    The CX3 cards are capable of running both protocols at the same speed. The reason why some dual QSFP+ models were marketed as "40G IB + 10G Ethernet" is because 2 40Gbps links would saturate PCIe 3.0 x8 uplink. The main reason why people use IB for storage is because of lower latency. If you do...
  19. BeTeP

    Samsung SSD PM1643 3.8TB SAS 12Gb/s MZ-ILT3T8A 2.5" @ $289.98

    sg3_format just sends the format command to the drive. The formatting process is internal. It happens on the drive itself. You do not need to run multiple instances of the tool to complete format. The tool just keeps polling the drive for the status updates. You can disable this default behavior...