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  1. Alfa147x

    Firewall options for 1 Gbps VPN throughput

    I'm in the market for a firewall to place in a small rack at a data center to access backup storage and a few NVME backed VMs. My current firewall is a DIY 2U firewall 2013 AMD AM1 Kabini with a 4 port NIC running Sophos XG but this setup struggles with my 1 Gbps connection prior to VPN. I'm...
  2. Alfa147x

    WTB: Colo/Data Center Space near Manhattan/NYC for non-critical homelab

    Hi all, I am being forced to move to Manhattan and need to stash my homelab which is in a rack enclosure on beefy wheels - Tripp Lite's SRW21UG (21U). I would like to keep the hardware in the rack but I'm open to installing it into a DC's rack. This is what I have in the enclosure today...
  3. Alfa147x

    [FS] - [USA-CA] - [SOLD] - Pair of ConnectX-3 Infiniband + 40GbE QSFP Adapter Cards with Cable - $90 Shipped

    *** SOLD *** I have the following for sale as a bundle: 2x Molex 106410-1002 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies QSFP AOC 40G 1.2, 2m 2x HP/Mellanox 649281-B21 ConnectX-3 VPI FDR IB Infiniband + 40GbE QSFP Adapter Cards. These cards are equivalent to Mellanox part number MCX354A-FCBT and have had...
  4. Alfa147x

    Solved: Lenovo SA120 fan control issues (sg3_utils via python) with Xpenology/Synology DSM

    I have a Lenovo SA120 and I'm trying to use this fan control script to manually set the fan speed for the disk array. The requirement is to use sg3_utils. Which I've installed by using oPKG. I get to this point the script does not respond to ctrl-c. I have the disk array connected via sas...
  5. Alfa147x

    US-CA: WTS Half Low profile bracket for Dell Chelsio T520-CR T520-SO-CR T420-CR HTTG1 card

    I have the following for sale: 3x Half Low profile bracket for Dell Chelsio T520-CR T520-SO-CR T420-CR HTTG1 card $5 + shipping/Each With Screws Images - Link Dell Chelsio T520-CR // J6VY6 $80 + Shipping SOLD I painted the LP bracket black. I'll include a fresh clean LP bracket. I'll...
  6. Alfa147x

    Affordable 10GbE+ for point to point between two VMware hosts ($100)

    I'm looking for options to connect two VMware ESXi, 6.7.0 machines with the most out of the box compatibility with the host systems. I am considering a Chelsio T520 for 10Gbe but would like to explore any higher throughput options for TCP/IP and vMotion for the same price ($50-100 per card)...
  7. Alfa147x

    Short depth SFF-8088 or right angle cables for .5" clearance

    I have an issue where the back of my open back rack enclosure has about 0.5" (~13mm) of space for the SFF-8088 cable. Any suggestions on where to find affordable (even used) right-angle or other small depth cables?
  8. Alfa147x

    Ebay Seller - Lenovo SA120 w/o sleds for $180 + Shipping

    Hi all, Lenovo 70F1 001UX THINKSERVER SA120 Tested for Power only NO HDD | eBay This seller has a Lenovo SA120 without the HDD sleds for $180 + Shipping. Not sure if this post is allowed but I wanted to give folks an opportunity to pick up a 6 Gbps SAS disk array. I'm not sure if they have...
  9. Alfa147x

    HBA for Lenovo SA120 - 9207-8e vs 9286-8e

    Hi all, I'm a bit confused with all of the various LSI options and confusing naming convention for their cards. From what I've been able to decipher, Lenovo recommends the 9286-8e (SAS2208) which is what they bundle with their ThinkServers. But after reading this STH posts it appears the LSI...
  10. Alfa147x

    SFP/fiber validation for Chelsio T520-CR with HP 1810G-24

    Hey folks, Building a new firewall with the Chelsio T520-CR card and need to validate a few points before I pull the trigger: Will the Chelsio T520 negotiate lower than 10GBASE? My homelab is 1000BASE-T and I'm slowly upgrading Edit: Looks like the card supports 802.3z which would mean it...
  11. Alfa147x

    NAS options for BSD on ARM - helios64

    I'm looking at picking up the recently announced helios64. The group has left the NAS platform up to the adopter to select. I have a preference that my homelab appliances run BSD based OS. Any suggestions as to what I should consider? Thanks Edit: Mod - Please close this thread. I will be...
  12. Alfa147x

    FS: Atlanta - (SOLD) 4u server - Intel 6 core, 16 GB, LSI SAS, Intel NIC, GPU

    SuperMicro X8ST3-F Motherboard (X58) [LGA1366/DDR3] INTEL i350AM2 NIC Rosewill RSV-R4000 1.0mm SECC 4U Rackmount Server Chassis with 8 Internal Bays INTEL XEON X5650 6 CORE 2.66GHz 12MB CORSAIR Vengeance LP 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Noctua cooler and case fans ATI...
  13. Alfa147x

    eBay Power Filter - Snake Oil?

    Has anyone seen these eBay power filters? Auction Link Sound Card - Image Link SATA Power Noise Filter - Image Link Memory DDR3 2V Power Supply Filter - Image Link
  14. Alfa147x

    How do you decommission hardware?

    A friend just decommed a legendary WRT54GL!
  15. Alfa147x

    Moving computers to another room. How should I connect displays and USB?

    With the first warm day of the year we realized all of our homelab equipment and two giant desktops makes the office unbearably hot while the rest of the house is peachy. Between the two desks we have two desktop machines (OS X), 5x 24" monitors and a few USB based auxiliary devices. I...
  16. Alfa147x

    FreeNAS volume has 174,000 files in it. Need suggestions on how to manage the files

    I had a friend who deleted their ~/Pictures directory so I ran PhotoRec and ended up 173,375 images the root of a volume. Now I believe that most of the files are duplicates and/or thumbnails but I can't mount the volume to view in OS X without Finder locking up. I've also attempted to dump the...
  17. Alfa147x

    FS: $75 (SOLD) - LSI 9300-4i 4-Port SAS3 SATA 12Gb/s HBA

    For sale LSI 9300-4i PCI-Express 3.0 SATA / SAS 4-Port SAS3 12Gb/s HBA Card only. The cable can be sourced from eBay for cheap. Single SFF-8643 port SAS3008 based controller See this post for more info Running P9 firmware released 10/07/2015 Required for FreeNAS compatibility Tested with...
  18. Alfa147x

    Identifying issues running FreeNAS without ECC memory

    Hey folks! My FreeNAS server has been running like a dream for the last 2 months. I have migrated everything off of both ReadyNAS appliances and have 2 jails running. Supermicro X8ST3-F Intel Xeon X5650 running 2x Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3 8GB PC3 12800 I spent ages trying to accommodate...
  19. Alfa147x

    FreeNAS to AWS Glacier strategy

    Hey folks, I'm looking to backup my FreeNAS store that houses my photo library backups and video files to Glacier. The issue is my connection is 60MB/s down but only 6MB/s up so i'm looking to stage backups to a 5 TB external USB 3.0 drive and then move them to Glacier for off-site backups...
  20. Alfa147x

    Scaling back NAS budget: Looking for a $100 case for storage

    Since my previous thread I've had to re-evaluate my NAS budget so I need a cheaper case. Requirements: ATX (Supermicro X8ST3-F) Tons of 3.5" slots! What I would like: Easy cable management Simplified drive swap process Hot swap? Comfortable installation of a Noctua NH-U12DX i4 I spent...